Monday, March 20, 2017

For the Days When the Flowers are Blooming.....

We spot "the wall" on a side street we've zoomed past a million times, but today, we really see it for the first time.
Scores of bougainvillea bushes reach their long arms toward the sky, each one trying to touch the clouds before tumbling into rainbow arcs that reach almost to the ground.
They are covered in blossoms of flashing pink, magenta purple, snowy white, fiery orange, and glowing coral.
Funny how often I've passed this place and never noticed its beauty.

I pass the bathroom in my dash to get to the next thing that must be done, and some bright colors catch my eye.
A line of rubbery, glittery dresses are on the floor, and a jumble of dolls sit on the toilet, awaiting their new wardrobes.
I wonder what balls and parties my little ones have been dreaming up for their tiny plastic friends.
My temptation is to call for someone to come pick up the mess that has been left behind, but I hesitate......something about the way the light is catching the sparkly dresses suggests I should leave them there for now.

Though we don't really have spring here in Ghana, this is one of the times that many things are blossoming.
Everywhere we go, trees are blooming, full and flamboyant and sweet, and just as quickly they are dropping their petals again, showers of soft, delicate flowers dropping silently down.

At my house it is play silks left in piles, and pillows scattered everywhere except where they are supposed to be, and piles of books unpiled, and legos dumped skittering across the floor, and dress-up clothes heaped and spilling out of their trunk, and I feel the desire to get it all cleaned and straightened and in order, because there is enough chaos in my life already, and yet.....might there be some beauty in these, my children's joys falling 'round?

I find babes of all colors, makes and models tucked in bed, and I wonder what their mama whispered to them as they drifted off to sleep.
I find something that definitely resembles the Great Wall of China, and something else that resembles a zoo, and I step past, leaving them for their owners who might just not be finished yet.

We go and pick up some new dresses from the seamstress' shop, and I hang them in the closet.
They are bright and cheerful and vibrant.
Like most African prints, they echo the colors that saturate this land of heat and sunshine and constant growth....
Radiant fabrics to clothe my own budding ladies.

As I look at my to-do list, I'm tempted to rush, to run, to speed through my days.
And yet, the flower-laden breezes that gently blow through my front windows whisper to me to slow down, to breathe, to enjoy these moments too.
Why is it so easy to stop and smell the roses outside my home, but so difficult to stop and the smell the ones growing right under my nose?

As I stoop to pick up a pair of sandals, I pause.
I am in a race with no own but myself.
A moment to enjoy the buds along the way might be just what I need.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. It does give much food for thought, especially in these rush rush days we live in now. We all need to slow our pace and SMELL THE ROSES and see GOD's BLESSINGS TO EACH ONE OF US AND BE...THANKFUL!!!