Wednesday, March 8, 2017

For the Days When the Chains Are Heavy....

A few weeks ago my girls made a paper chain to help the little ones understand when we were finally going on our big trip.
At ages 3 and 5 they don't quite grasp all this talk of airplanes, and America, and seeing the people they only know through a computer screen.
I don't know if I quite wrap my head around it either.
Some mornings when I wake up, those thin strips of colored construction paper can feel like real chains binding me tight.

God's Word often reminds us that this world is not our final destination in this journey called life.
I'm never reminded of the truth of that more than when we are headed on furlough.
We must prepare our home and our belongings and our church and our children and our own minds for this time of absence and change.
It's important.
It's a blessing.
And it's hard.

As I rise each morning, part of me feels chained to Ghana: cooking and cleaning, teaching my children, sharing the gospel, counseling, ministering to our people, loving and serving those whom God has given me to love and serve.
Another part of my feels bound to the mile-long to-do lists: the packing, scrubbing, planning, finishing of all the things that must be done before we go.
And still another part of me wants to rush on to everything that will be happening once we board that plane in a few short weeks.

If I take the time to listen, though, the Holy Spirit will remind the way out of the snare ~
I must control my mind.
It's the only way to break the chains

First, I must fill my mind with Truth. God's Word is a mighty weapon that can slash through the heaviest of chains and a comforting balm that can heal the weakest of hearts.

Then, I must spend time thinking and thanking. As I take time to dwell on God's goodness to me, my faith grows strong again.

And lastly, I spend time asking God what He wants me to do, what He wants me to wait on, and what He wants me to set aside. My focus must turn away from myself and rest squarely on His will for my day {and my moments!}

This is a time of surrender He asks me to go through as a missionary.
I then have two choices: I can seek to run away from it while still dragging those clanking chains, or I can ask Him to bind me to Him.

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