Sunday, October 9, 2016

For the Days When You're Afraid of the Week Ahead....

Dear Soul,
It's Sunday night here and all is quiet.
Ahhhhh, not something I get to enjoy too much in this household of mine.
It's been a drizzly, muddly, cold day here {well, cold is a bit relative!}.
I'm taking a few minutes on this Sunday evening to reflect on my week just past and the one almost knocking at my door.

Though technically Sunday is the first day of the week and Saturday is the last, my life seems to be hinged on Sunday.
As a missionary, Sundays end up being both the last day of my busy week, and the first day of the next.
The week we've just finished was a busy one, but then again, they are all busy, aren't they?
I had my share of mess-ups.
Several mornings were rough and frustrating.
We had chunks of school time that my only goal was to just.get.through.them.
I'm afraid we weren't always happy to be "learning together."
Supper wasn't always on the table on time.
In fact, there was more than one night when I was slinging hash, and barking orders, and buckling sandals, and remembering {right before I needed to run out the door} that I hadn't managed to get in the bathtub yet.

There were days when I said unkind words,
rolled my eyes,
got frustrated,
pretended I didn't hear my kiddos calling my name,
was not loving to my husband.

I'm not proud of those facts, but that doesn't make them untrue.

Some days I was able to wake up early and get both my Bible reading AND prayer time done before the little ones came pounding down my door for breakfast.
I was able to talk gently and calmly even when one of my children had soaked herself completely {and changed her clothes!} five times in one day.
Some days school went smoothly and we spent time reading aloud and enjoying the gift of just being a family.

I sinned.
I asked for forgiveness.
I was afraid.
I walked by faith.
I made choices based on my fleshly desires.
I made decisions based on God's Word.
I wanted to quit.
I did.
I started over again.

I had good moments and bad ones,
happiness and sadness,
victories and defeats.
And now, on the cusp of a clean, new, empty week, I have a choice.

I can look at all the failures of the last week and sink to wallow in despair,
or I can accept the truth that my God's mercies are new every morning and look to Him to lead me through the days ahead.
By faith, I choose to look to the Faithful One.

Have a lovely week!

P.S. This week we go for Lili's 2 year heart check-up.  Would you please pray that she is given a clean bill of health? Thank you.


  1. Precious! And yes, I will be praying for Lili's check-up. It would be wonderful if she is healthy. She looks wonderful!

  2. Praying for a good week ahead and a good dr's report! We all have weeks like you described and we will have more, but we know that God understands and we just pray that we will let Him guide us and guard our tongues! God bless you and your precious family...

  3. Yes, I will pray for her. Those pictures are precious, especially of your littlest one.

  4. The pictures of Mackay are those I took on her third birthday! So hard to believe the my littlest is getting so big!

  5. In the midst of a big move & preparing the old house for sale. God has been so close - when I remember to invite Him :) Praying for your little Lili & so looking forward to meeting you all at FBC when you are with your parents next year.

  6. I am praying for Lilli. And I want to ask your forgiveness, although you probably have been too busy to have noticed. Yesterday on Instagram I saw Lilli's beautiful photo, but I was out on a rare date with my husband, and was only on my phone for a few minutes while he was away doing something, and I didn't notice the prayer request you had included with her picture. And so my heart just responded to her spirit in her eyes which is so much like my own daughter. My response should have been solely for your daughter, and I am very sorry. I hope her health is well, and I am stopping to pray again now, and I will this week as I go around my house seeing my own daughter's childhood pictures to remind me.