Thursday, August 4, 2016

For the Days When You Need a Transformation...

We set the chunks of beeswax in a tin and filled the pot with water.
It bubbled and steamed, and soon we had a can full of melty, shimmery wax.
We poured the fragrant liquid into the waiting jars and dipped in the wicks over and over.
Soon we had candles to give us light through the long, dark nights.

The girls gathered scraps of material, needles, and thread.
They pulled out old craft books, found sticks, glue, and paper.
They cut and sewed, glued and tied, colored and trimmed, until they had a pile of gear to go along with their favorite book and its long-awaited sequel.

As tiles came crashing off the walls, they squirreled away broken pieces from our kitchen renovation.
With broom and scraper they smoothed the ground of their summer club house {aka rabbit warren} and added a floor to make everything neat and tidy.

We caught a spiky black and orange caterpillar.
We fed him his favorite basil and checked on him daily.
He spun a pokey cocoon and hid out of sight for a few weeks.
One morning when we went to check his progress, we found a torn cocoon and a lovely leopard moth in his place.
He sat quietly for some hours until he fluttered open his wings, danced wildly, and then crawled off to find a dark corner to sleep in until night fall.

We gathered all our dingy white cloth napkins and took them outside with a steaming tub of hot water.
We filled it with maroon dye, and then took turns twirling and swirling those stained, ugly squares of cloth round and round.
We emptied, and rinsed, and squeezed, and rinsed.......and then dumped, and rinsed, and squeezed again....and again.....and again.
When the water ran clear, we hung them up to dry.
No longer marked with grease and spot, but something we were happy to use at our table again.

I often wonder if I'm becoming the woman God wants me to be.
Am I growing spiritually? mentally? emotionally?
Am I a better child of God, wife, mother, friend, missionary than I was a year ago?
If I start comparing myself to others, I can swing between frustration and despair or self-righteous pride.
If I look at myself through my own eyes, I can be quick to lift myself up based on my good intentions or I can cast myself down while focusing on my seeming failures.

But if I look to Jesus and His Word instead, the transformation will come.
Some days slowly and quietly, like hot wax clouding into hard candle.
Some days by bits and pieces, like colored scraps of cloth and broken tile changed into something beautiful.
Some days bursting forth, like a moth freed from the confines of its metamorphosis.
Some days by heat and agitation, covering those sin stains again and again.
In the end,
always, always by His grace alone.


  1. Great post. I needed this reminder today. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your timely post. It's always a blessing to read what the Lord lays on your heart, and usually it's what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you!
    Shellee in Japan

  3. Thank you. God has reminded me to fix my gaze on Him through your words.