Thursday, June 2, 2016

This Week

May absolutely seemed to fly by for us.
All the missionaries are settled and into language classes, and we are in a bit of a rhythm with all we have going on:
school {finishing up this year and planning for next year, which will get started pretty quickly!, and figuring out exactly how to incorporate Lili in K5 and Mackay, who is a hand-full!}
helping the new missionaries {watching their kiddos one day a week while they go to language school and translating and planning the next set of lessons after their first portion of language school is done, among other things.}
preparing national leadership for our upcoming furlough {Sunday afternoon Bible classes, guitar classes, and discipleship.}
family {learning and growing and loving each other}
ministry {giving the gospel, preaching the truth, writing booklets, and training others to do the same!}
life {trying to live it to the glory of God!}.
Here are a few pictures from the week, and if you'd like to see more, I'm on instagram as MrsJohninGhana.

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