Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beginnings of Summer

"Summer" here in Ghana looks a lot different than summer in America.
That was incredibly hard for me when we first came here, but now it's so completely normal that I have a hard time remembering how people do summer there!
North American summer time is our rainy season, which equals our winter. When the rains really begin to fall, they can last for days. All that rain finally cools us down. My kiddos are often found running around in sweatshirts, because it gets all the way down to 70 degrees!
Here in Ghana, the schools are in session for 3 terms, each about 15 weeks long with a 2-4 week break in between each. Our schedule isn't quite the same, but is much closer to the school system here, than the American ideal of having 3 months off.
We are hoping to be done with this year's school by the fourth of July. We usually resume the beginning of September, but since we will be going on furlough next year, we will have to start a bit earlier to get everything finished before we travel.
Life is busy, but has finally settled into a rhythm that works for us. I'm so very thankful.
I believe we are happier when things are a bit more predictable!
What does life look right now?
A few pictures.......

We've recently added the Sky Map app to our phone, and it's been such fun to head outside whenever the electricity is off and identify everything we can see. My mom taught me the constellations we could see in Michigan when I was young, but we have an entirely different sky we can see here.

John helping the girls find the northern constellations.....and yes, my kids are that dirty after a full day of school and play.....and yes, they painted themselves. Ahem.

John has started a guitar class at church, and both Carey and Ella are taking part.....Mackay wants to so badly, but the ukulele will have to suffice for now.

Lili loves bugs. Seriously. Here she is sharing her compound fly eyes.

We headed to our favorite "wild spot" a few days ago, and found lots to enjoy.

If you look in the upper-right quadrant, you can see a sunbird. They are cousins to the American hummingbird. They are a bit bigger, and don't fly quite as fast, but they are still difficult to capture with the camera. This beauty was an iridescent blue-green with a bright red chest and patches of purple right at his throat.

This huge spider {including legs, he was as large as my fist!} had built a 3-D web. It was amazing!

Baby bamboo...I thought it looked a bit like asparagus.

Sketching from her perch up in the plumeria tree.

In the midst of all the other things we have going on, our landlady is remodeling our kitchen. I've been living without any cabinets for about a month now. Mackay is enjoying the extra space, though.

Lili looking at her picture book before nodding off.

The girls illustrating one of their poems from this term...

And a tiny, daily reminder of the good God we serve....

I hope your summer is off to a lovely start, no matter where you are, or how you observe it!


  1. What lovely pictures! Our summers here in northern France never get very hot, unless we're having a "heat wave," then it can get up to the high 30s Celcius. We are always gone in July working at summer camp, so August is our "vacation." Everything in France closes in August! It's nice and frustrating at the same time. It's great for rest but bad for getting anything done! Enjoy your break with your kiddos! I love seeing your adventures! Hugs from France

  2. Our summer is usually non-existent (Basque Spain), since we're between mountains and the ocean. It tends to be rainy and cool. Usually, we get one month of sunshine, either in August or September. We also most years are busy in summer camp ministry, although, like Susan said, everything closes down in August, and many people are on holiday during July as well. Summers are a "down time" mostly--in the church and in other ways. My husband and I usually try to do some home improvement each summer.