Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our Week

We are healthy and whole and full of energy, which is a good thing, because we are busy as usual!
I thought you might enjoy a few pictures from a family walk the other night.
It feels so good to have the strength to get outside again.....just for fun!


  1. Can't wait to get a closer look on "the big screen" - love your photos

  2. I had read, I think someplace on Facebook, last month of your families illness and have been praying for you. Today I did a Google search trying to find and update on your condition and found your blog. Praise Him your family is better. The Lord has given me a ministry of praying, what a blessing! I serve on the Missions Team at my church and have a heart that loves missionaries. Thank you for giving yourselves to reach the people of Ghana for the Lord. Prayerfully, Debbie Fields