Sunday, April 3, 2016

The beginnings of a new part of our story...

In October of last year, a few things happened that made us wonder if God had a new part He wanted to write in our story.
In December we got confirmation He did, but in an even greater way than we'd at first anticipated.
Our life has been turned completely upside-down, shaken a bit, and then tossed a few times, for good measure.

I write here to work through what God is teaching me, and lately there has been so much I'm trying to digest that it's been even more than I could possibly share.
As I have liberty, I will write more, but in the mean time, here are some pictures of our annual missionary Easter picnic.
{They include not only our family and our long-time fellow church-planters, the Aaron family, but a new family, the Acrees, who have joined us for a time to learn the language and culture.}



  1. What are the symbolisms of the egg in the styrofoam and taped so it hangs in the center of the box? Somehow I missed this in all my years.
    (I will not venture my guess as to the new thing added to your life, and wait for you to tell.)

    1. Sorry for the confusion! There is no symbolism with the egg in the styrofoam. It's a fun problem-solving activity we do with our friends. Each family has to figure out how to keep a raw egg from breaking when thrown off the roof. They are all given the same materials to work with ~ this year it was tape, cardboard boxes, and styrofoam. Just for fun!