Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Last Few Weeks....

While Easter is long passed on the calendar, I've yet to share our Easter weekend.
Our life has been rushing along at quite the rolling pace these days.
We had a lovely Sunday celebrating Christ's resurrection. We had baptisms planned for the day, but our dry season has been so long that both rivers we use for baptisms were completely dried up.
Here in Ghana, we celebrate Easter Monday, too {per the British custom}.
It is always a wonderfully fun day as a church family!

We share breakfast together, and then play outdoor games all morning long!
Pastor Andrew brought people from his Bible Study to join us. We had almost 90 people there, and it was such fun just playing together.

On Tuesday morning we boarded a bus for the capital.
As I alluded to last time I wrote, God has given us some added opportunities in the last few months.
First he brought the Acree family to join us for a time. They had been in another city for about 20 months, but were struggling to learn the language and culture. God lead them to join us here in Kumasi until their furlough, as the language learning and cultural adaptation should be a bit easier here than their previous place.
Secondly, he brought us a brand-new missionary family to help get settled and learning the ropes.
The trip to Accra was to pick them up from the airport.

We had hoped for a good two days of rest before they arrived, but both Carey and Mackay got sick on the trip down. We spent all of Tuesday at the guest house hoping they'd sleep it off. Carey did, but Mackay had a really rough night. So it goes.

Once everybody got feeling better, we did find a new family restaurant that was delicious. They even sold homemade salted butter caramel gelatto ~ what a special treat!

On Wednesday night the Rosenbalm family arrived, along with their pastor and his wife {who came to help them travel with four little guys}. Since then, we've been go-go-going {along with the help of the Aaron and Acree families}, helping them get settled, buy appliances, learn the shopping, making food, and all that goes into making a home in a new country.

We are tired, but happy to encourage and help these young missionary families as they learn to make Ghana their home.

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  1. I saw Emily in one of your pictures! She was my roommate in college! :-)