Thursday, January 7, 2016

On Purpose, For His Glory

It's the time of year when everybody is talking about fresh starts, and their new year's resolutions, and weight loss goals, and schooling plans, and new ideas, and hoping that this year will be better than last year.
I used to be one of those amazing list writers. I was going to conquer the world!
And a few weeks in, I'd already failed on most of the list, and a few months in, I'd totally forgotten about the list, and when I found the list in October or so, I'd feel terribly guilty, and by the following January, I'd forgotten what last year had been like and had drawn up another grand list of resolutions, because THIS year was going to be THE YEAR.
One year I finally realized that this was dumb.
I then swung the opposite direction on the pendulum.
I decided that making these lists or having any goals whatsoever was pointless, so I made none.
I did manage to meet those goals by the end of December, of course.

Last year the Lord helped me swing back to a happy medium.
Not so dramatic, but a lot more doable.
I asked God to clearly show me some areas that needed change, and then give me wisdom in how to change them and the strength and fortitude to do so.
And He did.
None of them were earth-shattering things, and there weren't a lot of them, but at the end of this last year, I was able to see what a difference they had made.

As I considered this upcoming year, one phrase and one Scripture kept coming to mind ~ on purpose, for His glory.
I'm a dreamer, and I can get stuck in my head way too often....which often leads to fears and doubts, or lack of paying attention to anything going on around me, or worrying about the future.
To bring God the glory due Him in my life, I need to be engaged.
I need seeing eyes, and hearing ears, and a heart tuned to the Holy Spirit's whisperings so that no matter what I'm doing at any given time, I can be doing it on purpose for God's glory.

*I shared this picture because I felt it perfectly embodied the idea of an item with but one purpose. In this case, beauty.  If you'd like your own, they can be found here. 

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