Sunday, January 3, 2016

Good-bye 2015! Hello 2016!

December is over and January is here, and yet I'm sitting here staring at all the pictures from the last month and wondering how many are too many to post?
Our month was full of music, and Santa hats, and making gifts....

And baking lots of cookies and sharing God's Word, and making our special Christmas craft that Great Granny sends every year, and this year's craft took ALL the violet paint {as Lili calls it} and dirtied every paint brush we own.....

And we had sunflowers {tiny ones!} to enjoy next to our Christmas tree, and a new baby, and a birthday girl, and friends over to learn how to make sugar cookies and decorate I'm not even joking!

And a two-year old cutting some molars, and fake snow, and a Soup and Dessert Throwdown with our friends, and dressing up like Mary and Joseph {and a crazed sheep, apparently}, and candles, and Bible reading, and gift-wrapping.....

And bedhead, and lazy days, and late breakfasts, and late nights around the Christmas tree, and books, and more books, and Legos, and Christmas parties, and ice cream, and quiet, and loud, and wind, and dust, and an amazing 31st Night Outreach.....


And good days and bad days, and hours that felt like days, and days that felt like just a few minutes, and I wish I could say that every moment was perfect, but it wasn't, because I'm human, and so are the five other people that live in this house.
We fail. We mess up. We are selfish.
But in the good and the bad, the fun and the crazy, we learn to love each other, and forgive each other, and be a bit kinder, and give just a bit more of ourselves.
And that is at least one of the goals God has for this life of ours isn't it? To love our neighbors as ourselves?
So we say good-bye to last year with it's good and bad, ugly and beautiful, mistakes, failings, answered prayers, and unmet goals, and we greet this new year with open arms.....
ready to embrace all that God has for us.
Thanks for joining me on this journey.

*For those who are interested, I am now on Instagram ~ mrsjohninghana. I'll be sharing more peeks into the daily life of a missionary mama, and I promise! No selfies :)


  1. Looks like a lovely month. Those pictures are priceless.
    Happy January!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy, fun, lovely month!! I love the "potato Angels" on your Instagram!!
    happy New Year,
    Shellee from Hokkaido