Sunday, January 17, 2016

For the Days When You're Dry....

School started Monday with all the excitement and drama that resuming school after a very long Christmas break can bring. Besides the normal concerns this teacher-mama had was the worry about the fact that my littlest is no longer taking a nap. At all. If the child sleeps for even 10 minutes during the day, she will be bouncing around until midnight. I'm sure she gets that from her father {just don't ask my mother if that is true or not, ahem}.
To say it plain-plain {as we put it here}, I was terrified.
Terrified of the stress, the discipline, the schedule, the work, the enormity of the task I was facing.
I didn't want to do it this way.
I wanted things my way.
I wanted a two year and a four year old who both still took naps.
I wanted my last born to be a calm, quiet, docile child, not the wild, loud, opinionated one that she is.

Monday morning's start was a bit rocky, but we'd gotten some special "school things" for the littler two to play with only during school. That kept them mostly out of trouble while I got started with my two big girls. We hit lunch, and Lili was getting kind of cranky. She was fussy, and whiny, and she can certainly be that way at times, but it seemed a bit more than usual. I managed to get us through a few more subjects before I sent everybody outside, but by then Lili was obviously unwell.
Daddy had to take Ella to the dentist, and I plopped a now burning hot child on my lap to see if I could figure out what was the matter.

And so we entered a much worse week than I'd originally imagined. Lili ran an incredibly high fever {that one really is her daddy's fault} with no other symptom than a headache for three full days. She was eating and drinking and all the other things she needed to be doing to let me know that her body was simply fighting something. She couldn't sleep, so I couldn't sleep. She needed comfort, so I was her comforter. Then on Wednesday, Mackay started acting crummy. She too shot a high fever, and couldn't sleep, and needed constant comfort.

We trudged through school with not a lot of that first-week-back-to-school excitement I'd hoped for.
Daddy was busy helping a missionary who is moving here find housing, and so his schedule was all out of whack. Several other odd things came up, including internet problems, washing machine clunkings, and a fellow missionary getting quite sick. As I thought the week through on Friday afternoon, I was pretty depressed.
Nothing had gone the way I wanted, and in fact, it had gone even worse than I'd imagined.

As I sat down to write tonight, I really wasn't sure what I was going to say.
But as I slipped my SD card into the computer and began to download my pictures from the week,
I caught glimpses of the little graces,
the small, seemingly insignificant things that when added together
helped me realize that God was always there.

In the midst of fevers and cranky babies, he let our lily {that hasn't bloomed for 18 months and we thought the snails had killed} bud four flowers.
He filled our bougainvillea bush to overflowing so that I simply have to fill the house with them.
He let our air conditioner get repaired quickly so that the rooms with hot babies were nice and cool, instead of hot and stuffy as they can be during our dry season.
He gave us lots of time to read picture books together, time I feel I rarely have when everyone is feeling well.
He let daddy help our missionary friend find a house, and our internet finally got fixed, and we were able to help our sick friend.
And He gave us blue skies, and calmed the dust a bit, and gave us the medicines we needed so that everyone could be healthy again.

Moment by moment, he poured those drops of blessing onto the parched earth of my soul.
He never left me hopeless.
He asked me to go through a dry time, a bit of a drought, but He never left me without enough strength to take the next step.

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  1. I think we all hit dry patches every now and again, but wow! All at once! So thankful that God gave you grace to see the blessing in the midst of all of this. Praying for everyone to feel better! Hugs from France