Sunday, January 10, 2016

For the Days When You Need a Hero for Your Story....

School is starting up tomorrow, and this year is shaping up to be a busy one.
Some days the words just flow, and this writing/blogging thing is a way for me to work through all the thoughts I think, and other days I look at that blinking cursor and though my mind is full, the words can't seem to find their way from my head down into my finger tips.

I'm excited and I'm wondering and if I think too long, a bit terrified of all the Lord has in store for us, but I'm slowly learning the amazing truth that not only is He the Author of my story, but the Hero as well.

He opens the book, and pulls out the pen, and dips it in the ink, and begins to write line by line exactly how He wants this story to read. But then He doesn't leave me to solve the problems or save the day.

Yes, I may be the main character in the story of my life, but He is the Hero. He is always the One who guides, teaches, leads, and ultimately saves the day.

He writes me into the hard places, the dark places, the places that will ruin me, and then He lifts me out, gives me light, and shapes me into who He wants me to be at the end.

In some chapters He gives answers, and in some He simply leaves me with questions, but every word scrawled on the pages of my life are in some way for His honor and glory.

Though I always wish for a happily-ever-after-ending, I often forget that I'm not to the end of my story yet. So with courage that only the best Writer can put into His character, I choose to follow His script, no matter what the next chapters hold.

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  1. Your life is a page turner, there's no doubt! Lots of love from France