Sunday, September 20, 2015

This Month & Random Facts

It's late on Sunday night, and I'm tired.
We had an amazing day at church today ~ one of our members brought 30 visitors today......
Yes, you read that right.
He's part of a group of men who've come together to help the underprivileged, and he's been working for quite a while to get them to visit our church.
Today they came, a few bringing their wives and small children.
We love all our opportunities to minister, but some days take a bit more out of a person, if you know what I mean.
Really, this month has been that way.
It's been a month of lots of good, but out-of-the-ordinary chances to share the gospel and edify the brethren.

As my mind was kind of reeling through this crazy month {that's not over yet!}, I started scrolling through my pictures.......
which led to the thought of odd things......
which led to this totally random post.

If you are up for it, here are some strange and funny facts about me and my life:

#1. Even though I live in Africa, I too have to go to the zoo to see elephants.

#2. I stink at taking selfies. This was my best one after 8 tries!

#3. I am a food snob. In fact, I pack weird gourmet salt in my luggage to bring to Ghana. I cannot eat chocolate brownies or chocolate chip cookies without salt now.

#4. I render my own lard {see #3}.

#5. We have a new baby born to one of our church members, but she cannot leave the house or be called by her proper name until she is 40 days old.

#6. Nothing makes my mama-teacher heart thump like a little one's very first renditions of those she loves!

#7. My youngest just turned two. Her local name is Yaa Nane, which literally means Thursday-born girl, fourth in her family. Because I have four girls, people outside will often call me Nane-Maame, meaning mother of four.

#8. My younger two can be found most hours of most days with their "babies" on their backs. And yes, my daughter thinks Peter Rabbit is her baby.

#9. I used to struggle with a Martha Stewart complex. Having four children has really helped me get over that. In fact, when Mackay's birthday cake fell apart, I just told everybody it was a Jungle Earthquake Cake. Since it tasted good, nobody cared!

#10. I love to craft, but I have very little time or resources, so I have to plan each one very carefully. Sometimes it take months {or years} to get some of them done. Right now I'm redoing a small shelf in the schoolroom by decoupaging it with stamps from all over the world my mother has been saving for a long time{a decade, maybe?}. Yes, the fun is in seeing the final product, but I find lots of fun in the doing, too!

*So just for fun, what is a totally random, little known bit of information about you?
I'd love to hear!


  1. The "jungle earthquake cake . . . . " I am laughing so hard! I made one for my husband that looked exactly like yours. BUT I never thought of a great name for it, so it became the cake we took very careful photos of--one side only and from a specific angle. From now on, when I have an epic cake fail, I'll know it's a Jungle Earthquake Cake. Wonderful!!!!! :) Loved this whole post, but the cake took the cake!

    1. Thanks for the laugh today, Lou Ann! The cake was abysmal. It had about 20 toothpicks in it to hold it together that well. As Mackay was blowing out the candles, they were sliding off the cake. God knows how to keep one humble ;)