Thursday, August 13, 2015

Please Pray?

I'm going to pause our ongoing series for today and ask you to pray for the Love & Marriage Conference we are hosting Friday and Saturday at our church.
We will be having a special couples night at our house Friday night, and then a day of special studies at our church all day on Saturday.
We have a few important prayer requests:
1. We need electricity for the meeting at our house. We will have a lot of people in a very hot, dark house if the lights are not on tomorrow night. Doable, but very uncomfortable.
2. We need clear skies for Friday and Saturday. Rain makes it very hard for everyone to get to the meetings. Please pray that the the rains hold off until Monday!
3. Holy Spirit leading for John and me as we teach on Friday and Saturday.
4. Lastly, please pray that any unbelievers who attend will hear the truth and accept the greatest love ~ Christ's love, that people's hearts will be open to the teaching and that they will be willing to learn, and that these studies will open the door for more counseling in the future.

I'll be back Sunday night/Monday morning {depending where you live} to share how the conference went, tell you the winner of our Scripture giveaway, and I'll be sharing the MOST AWESOME SOLUTION TO BIBLE STUDIES EVER!!!! {Can you tell I'm excited?!?}

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