Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dear Mama, How to Fill Your Cup When Your Hands Are Full: Seasons

Dear Mama,
I don't have anything really profound to share today, but maybe it's a simple reminder we all need?
This time when we find our hands full is just a season.

My last few weeks have included sitting in traffic in a very full car, because our car battery was dead.....again.
Three times in one week.
That's the same week that included three flat tires.

Having to use a taxi means me in the back with the kiddos.
No car seats here, just mama having to wrestle the two little ones who both "need" to sit on my lap so they can look {aka hang out!} the window.

We've had house-fulls...
twenty-four married {or very soon to be} adults with no electricity and no fans.

And church-fulls...
with long days, and packed schedules, and tired kiddos.

We've had birthdays that needed to be celebrated, whether that was convenient or not.
Because really? You only turn four once.
This particular day required a pink cake and pink ice cream and pink balloons and every single person to wear pink....except daddy, because he couldn't find any.

We planned a family "stay"cation for this week, with lots of ideas of how we could rest and enjoy just *us* together.
It included a zoo trip....

and more traffic {because there is lots of that where we live!}.

While I had all kinds of grand ideas about how relaxing this week would be, they haven't all panned out.
Okay, most of them haven't.
With a "stay"cation there is no maid and no cook except me, and the house has to at least stay livable.
As I'm trying to cross something off my list so I can go play Monopoly with the girlies, another pressing task slips into its place.
I rush to just do that next one 'real quick', and then it hits me that there are two buckets of tomatoes that are going to go bad if I don't get them roasted, and the fresh milk my hubby picked up this morning has to be processed, and I have to figure out supper for tonight for 8 instead of 6 because it's Thursday......
you get the idea, I'm sure.

I don't know what your list looks like, but I can guess your hands are full.
On days when my expectations aren't met, and I feel discouraged about the state of just about everything, I try to keep in mind Solomon's wise words about seasons:
seasons are a part of life, and right now I'm in a very demanding one.
I must accept that fact.
There are days I'm going to fail.
There are days I'm going to make unwise choices.
There are days I'm going to feel like everything I want never seems to work out right.
There are days when I'm going to be completely overwhelmed by life, children, housework, needs, demands, and responsibilities....
but it won't last forever.
And you know what mama?
The Lord of the seasons will give you the grace you need for this moment.
Take heart!
While you may feel like weeping and mourning today, the laughter and dancing are right around the corner.

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*And for those of you who've won the last giveaways, my hands have been a bit full lately {ha!}, and I'll be getting with you on those as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience!

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