Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welcome To Our Nest: The Bathroom & Laundry Room

This post has been a long time in coming, and it's not extremely exciting, but it is the last room{s} yet to be shown.
We are blessed to have a little space for a laundry area in our home.
As the majority of people here wash their clothes by hand and usually outside near the clothesline, it is not common to find a laundry area in most houses here.
If there is a space that might work, it's usually not near a water source.
We were blessed with both space and a bathroom right on the other side of the wall.

Most washing machines here are quite tiny by American standards, but they still do the job!
Over the years I've done lots of clothes washing by hand {and still get to when the water and the electricity won't cooperate and the mountain gets too high!}, so I'm extremely grateful for this machine that will do it for me.

I've hung good "mama-reminders" here ~ as I speed through my day, they are in a great spot to be read while doing the tasks of sorting, filling, and emptying that go with all that laundry!
{I just use leftovers from my yearly calendars and free printables from Ann's Library.}

This bathroom is the main one for our house and the one our girls use.
As it has no storage and no place to put any, we've gotten creative.
We pick up hanging storage when we are on furlough.
It fits washcloths, hand towels, toothbrushes and paste, and bath toys.

We bought these frames years ago when we visited Ron Jon's Surf Shop, so we thought we'd do a surfing theme in the girls' bathroom.

You can see how this space connects to our hall {to the right}, and to the master bedroom {straight ahead}.

Opposite the master bedroom door is the girls' bedroom door.
We recently switched out the ugly metal cabinet for the pretty one that had been in the school room.
It's filled with my herbs, medicines, first aid supplies, towels, and cleaning things.

Their door with the newly redone picture frame.

And our current shower curtain, because how long do plastic shower curtains last in a house with a bunch of kids?
In my house.....not very long!

After almost two years, the tour is complete!
I guess that means that it'll be time to show all the things we've changed up, redone, and refreshed soon........


  1. First time commenting Mrs. John. How cheery!!! My absolute favorite trio of color is blue, yellow and white!! I keep you and your family (with other missionaries) in continual prayer. Thank you for your service to the Lord.

  2. Fun! It's always interesting to see other places. Here, our laundry is also the kitchen. Everyone's washers are under the kitchen counters. It's a funny world!