Thursday, June 25, 2015

What does your summer look like?

Well, hello there!
School has been finished exactly one week tomorrow, and I'm not quite sure how we've been just as busy, if not busier since school got out.
Let's see.....
Hubby and I got to go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary.....just a few weeks late.
We ate at our favorite Indian restaurant. Love. Love. Love.
I always eat way too much and enjoy every minute of it.
Can you tell I'm happy about this?

Found a new strange fruit to try.
I was hoping it was weird strawberries. They weren't.
They were wax apples from Asia.

I've waited years for my girls to be reading on their own, just for fun.
After lots and lots of hard work, we are at that place!
{The Spell to Write & Read program and The Gift of Dyslexia have both been invaluable in helping meet our family's dyslexia needs.}
Need I add that now I can't seem to find my older children anywhere?
They are constantly "getting lost".......reading a book.
Makes my heart happy!

We had an unexpected house guest for five nights.
Poor girl got stuck in Kumasi while here for work purposes.
When I went to pull out our extra bed frame {leftover after we got the girls' bunkbeds}, it wasn't there.
My husband had told me we'd given it away, but I was sure we hadn't.
He was right; I was wrong.
Our friend was very appreciative, but we wished we could offer her more than an extra student mattress on the floor.
This led to a discussion about how we really needed an extra bed for visitors from time to time.
We talked about squeezing in a couch for reading on during school/extra sleeping space.
We even went and looked at some imported furniture while out on our date. It was quite expensive.
We started brainstorming ideas......which furthered the discussion about how we definitely need more bookshelves, because our homeschooling is done with almost all e-teacher's guides and stacks and stacks of old books that are starting to take over every inch of available space.
I've been hesitant, though, to add any bookshelves, because I couldn't figure out where to put them.

In Ghana, we can get all our furniture built out of real wood for a very good price.
There are many excellent carpenters here who can make just about anything if  they have a good picture.
I've been squirreling away any extra grocery money/house money I have left over at the end of the month, so I had a bit to get us started.
We finally landed on this picture for inspiration ~ bookshelves around the window {imagine a window where the painting and lamps are in the photo below}, going up over the window to make more space. Not exactly a built-in, but kind of like it.

And then a wide bench seat with bookshelves underneath and a cushion on top to sit under the window {like where the couch would be in the above picture}. It could then double as a bed, as needed. The picture below was our inspiration for the bench.

We celebrated Father's Day by making daddy's favorite foods : biscuit cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pulled pork sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce for lunch. We made him some rootbeer syrup and got him a new local shirt, too.
Goodness, we love that man!

And an out take!
{Notice that Mackay is actually looking at the camera and smiling here? She can't seem to do that when we want her to. Ask me how many photos we had to take before we got the one above? Never mind, don't ask. If you have little ones, you already understand.}

Tuesday started our bi-annual cleaning-the-entire-house-from-top-to-bottom-and-decluttering-week.
This is absolutely necessary after school is out, because while school is in session, the deep cleaning is quite minimal.
And living in the tropics, deep cleaning MUST be done on a regular basis, or your house will eventually eat you alive. Seriously.
This time around I'm trying to complete one room before moving to the next.
This seems to be working much better than my usual "today I'll do all the cobwebs in the whole house and from there I'll move to all the dusting" plan, which causes me to generally end up with a bigger mess than when I started.
{It also usually makes me not want to ever finish the cleaning, too.}

My smaller children have taken all this cleaning as a sign to make more messes than usual....

Good thing I've got some helpers......when they're not hiding somewhere with a book!

So I'd love to hear!
What has your summer looked like so far?
Any exciting plans while the kiddos are out of school?
Please do share!

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  1. Can't wait to see the bookshelf wall/bed! Sounds so awesome! :) Our summer? Well, it's crazier than I planned so far. Hoping to catch a little breath by maybe mid-July? LOL :D Love you all, and I'm glad your cleaning is going well. Enjoy your summer! We're enjoying our reading club with you all. :D