Friday, June 19, 2015

A Summer Evening

Some of our days are bright and glowing ~
Moments of noise, laughter, shouting, clanging, banging music.

On those days young feet never stop moving, bodies in full motion.
Food is cooked and fruit is cut and cups are filled over and over and over.
Growing bellies are never full.

From sun up to sun down the air we breathe is creative and invigorating and fulfilling.
The bulging old dress-up box is pulled out and it's contents flung in every direction.
We are surrounded by brides and flamenco dancers and Egyptian princesses and cowgirls and Indians and fairies and strange combinations of happy imaginings.

There's a bit of time to make a Sunday dinner on a Tuesday night.
Mixers whir, the kitchen fills with scents of roasting chicken and carrots and potatoes and tangy lemons.
I've forgotten to mark my lemon pound cake recipe again, and it cooks too hot too fast.
Nothing a serrated knife and some raspberry glaze can't fix.

The babies push babies and back babies and snuggle babies and then drop babies for a chance to lick the sweet beaters straight from the kitchen.
They run and giggle and call for "mama to look" and "take a picture" and "let me see."

They drag out the recycleables box and the scissors and the glue and the crayons and scatter bits of creativity all over the porch table.
Their fairies need some new houses.

They fiddle with some extra bits of rope and work it into a swing of sorts right on the iron bar holding up the clothesline.
They swing back and forth, just a few inches of the concrete, and I cringe, hoping the lines don't topple with their weight.

I grab some shears to trim back the giant leaves of our snakebush by our front porch steps.
One girl snatches them up as fast as I can cut them down, another running for raffia to tie them with.
They twist and knot and work and rework their leaf garments until they've got them just as they want them.

They dance and sing and twirl like the little nymphs they are on days like these.
Their minds spin with ideas as fast as their bodies do.
All is twilight and wind and moon glow and star shine.
And I'm full ~
Full of the joy that being a mama on a simple summer evening can bring.

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  1. Your girls always make me smile. :) Such imaginations!