Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Truth All of Us Need to Hear This Mother's Day

We live in a world suffocating with lies.
The very air we breathe chokes us with them.
The list is long:
lies about truth
lies about lies
lies about beauty
lies about ugly
lies about love
lies about hate
lies about worth
lies about value
lies about honor
lies about shame
lies about wants
lies about needs
lies about God
lies about joy
lies about happiness
lies about fulfillment.

As we open our eyes each morning and take a deep breath to start the day, if we are not careful we will pull in this tainted oxygen of untruths.
It is on our phones, and in our ears, and before our eyes, and on our screens, and in our books.
It fills our minds, and hearts, and souls with doubt, worry, and discouragement.
Our thoughts are saturated with it, and it doesn't take long for these falsehoods to leak out of our mouths to begin the slow work of destroying the hearers.

I'm a mama. I know.
The Father of Lies wants to ruin my day before it even begins.
"It's going to be a rough day."
"You're too tired to deal with little people today."
"Can you believe baby cried half the night?"
"You've got too much on your plate."
The list of deceptions grows the longer I lay there.

If I manage to pass the first test, the next one usually arrives before breakfast does.
A three-year-old in need of guidance, a screaming toddler, a dirty diaper, a bowl of eggs dropped on the floor, a big girl managing to miss the wake-up call, a spouse in need of an ironed shirt.
As each need is hurtled my way, the lies come speeding in their wake.
The feelings come rolling in like fog off the lake, and I'm soon surrounded by this vapor of lies.
"Why can't I just have one smooth morning?"
"Why must I do everything around here?"
"Why won't these kids just be quiet?"

Once I've lost sight of the truth, it doesn't take long for me to become the speaker of the lies, the instigator of more and more untruths.
I don't speak with grace or kindness; I speak whatever comes to mind.
And when I'm thinking the thoughts that come from the Deceiver?
I'm deceiving my own self and those I love most.
I begin to fill our life-air with that which destroys.
The very oxygen my family needs to survive is sucked away and instead my home becomes a gas chamber full of lies.

I can fill our table full of tasty food.
I can fill our drawers and closets with clean shirts and neatly folded socks.
I can fill my children's hands with work to keep them busy.
I can fill my hours with productive things.

My children can play with their toys,
and practice music,
and get good sleep,
and read the best books,
and learn to craft beauty,
and go to church,
and learn to serve other people,
but if they are breathing in poisoned air, sooner or later they will die.
Physically they may look just fine, beautiful even, but their insides will wither away.
They will move through life, a hollow shell of who they could have been.

God made me, the mama, to be a life-giver.
Before a child is even brought forth to breathe the air of the earth, she is breathing my own.
My body was designed to give sustenance to this tiny one inside of me.
When baby comes rushing into this world, that first gulp of air strengthens her for life.
For months her sole food is supplied by me.
As mama of a newborn, I know these things.
So why do I so quickly forget that I'm still a life-giver when baby starts eating food with a spoon?

Death and life are in the power of the tongue.
My words can be used to lift my children up, or they can be used to send them smashing to the ground.
I can fill my children to overflowing with words of life or let them slowly strangle to death on words that steal their hope.

But before I can imbue our home atmosphere with truth, I must have truth inside of me.
Only by knowing the Truth, can I begin to be set free from the lies that swirl around me.
Jesus, my Life-Giver, left me with the Spirit of Truth, and as I learn to follow His Words and think His thoughts, then can His life-giving essence flow through me and pervade the air around me.
I must discipline myself to think Truth.
I must preach Truth to myself.
I must practice speaking Truth.
And as His words become more and more a part of me, their sweet fragrance will fill the air, blessing all who are close enough to breathe it in.

*In honor of my dear Mama for Mother's Day ~ Thanks for always being my Truth-Speaker. There were so many days when your breath of truth gave me enough strength to keep going. May I grow to be half the godly Mama you are!


  1. Such a beautiful post, Patty, and so true. Thank you for giving this mama something to think about throughout my day, to choose my words carefully and wisely for my family's sake. By the way, I love the pictures you post. They always show life exactly how it is in your house. It is almost as if I am right there with you guys when I see your family through your pictures.
    Love and prayers for you!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for this--I really needed this for today! You are never, ever, alone! Lots of hugs from France!

  3. Great words...and ones I needed to hear. Thank you. :)