Friday, May 29, 2015

The Girls' Room Redone ~ An Updated House Tour

So about a million years ago {or so it feels!}, I started giving a tour of our home here in Ghana!
From there we moved to our front room, where we eat and enjoy spending time with friends and family.
We toured the hall and the kitchen and the schoolroom.
We took a peek at our master bedroom twice, because the first time around was incomplete.
The last place we looked was the girls' bedroom.
At that time, we knew it would be temporary, because Mackay was a newborn, and our plans were to move all four girls together once she moved out of mama and daddy's room.
We'd decided on bunk beds, but we knew it would take a while before Mackay would be ready for that.
When she first switched rooms, we put her in the crib and tucked it under an upper bunk.
In the blink of an eye {and all those sad and true cliches!} she grew right out of the crib and it was finally time to put the girls' room in more permanent order.

I loved the idea of my girls having quilts made with Ghanaian fabric when they grew up, but I'm no quilter. One lovely thing about Ghana, though, is that there are amazing seamstresses everywhere. My husband met a lady at the market who sold large portions of patchworked scraps for clothing. He ordered the size we needed times four, and told her to make the dominant color blue. Once she was finished, we had a tailor we know sew lightweight blue cotton on as backing, and the quilts I'd dreamed of were finished!

We painted the walls completely light blue and had shelves made for each bunk. We found tiny white lamps for each shelf, and did a good bit of purging and reorganizing.
{And just in case you are wondering, the answer is NO, my daughters' shelves are not usually this clean, but I couldn't stand taking pictures of clutter, so I "staged" their shelves a wee bit!}

The letter strip initials we made quite a while ago, and Carey made the paper doll garland for Ella for Christmas. The small pillows are just cotton dish towels folder over, sewed, and stuffed.

We made the bowls out of homemade air dry clay, and then painted them to look like fruit {not because I'm really creative, but because one got a crack in it, and I thought it would be less noticeable on a patterned bowl, rather than a bowl painted a solid color!}.

Sarah Jane added two more prints to the collection we already had, so daddy got them as a special gift for the girls. Be patient. Be curious. Be smart. Be friendly. Be happy. Be nice ~ beautiful little reminders for four girls sharing one space!

We had some old cork boards on the doors of their closet, but they were crumbling apart. After finally scraping all the old mounting tape off {which took about two weeks! that stuff is insanely sticky!!!}, I was looking for a replacement. I found two halves of a piece of foamcore I'd brought with us from the states, glued them together to make them thick enough, and then tacked on a piece of an old curtain. Voila! A new corkboard!

The last thing we did was make a small vanity area for our older girls. The bathroom is quite small {I'll be sharing that soon!}, so they needed an extra place to get ready {how could I possibly have girls old enough to worry about getting ready???}

We decorated the vanity area with garlands we made out of pom-poms, beads, and paint chips.
Lili made the jars for Carey and Ella as a Christmas gift using old jam jars, a bit of paint, and some drawer pulls I picked up in the states for $2 each at Anthropologie.

We are in the process of redoing the photo wreath, and that will hang on their room door.
So there it is.
A happy cheery room for our girls.
Though I enjoy decorating our home, I also love when a project is complete!

*So, comparing the first and the last picture, can you tell it's the same room?
Which version do you like better, the first or the second?


  1. I LOVE it! Both rooms are beautiful, but I love the little touches on the new room best. Their quilts are genius, and gorgeous, the little garlands and pompoms adorable. I'm a proud owner of one of those Ghanaian baskets, so that made my heart flutter. Your children are so blessed.

  2. I love the new look. lovely.

  3. Great job! Love it! I think this one will grow with them well, if you know what I mean. :) I'm sure they adore it!