Sunday, May 17, 2015

Loving Sundays

It's Sunday night, late.
I sit listening to the buzz of the ice cream maker in the kitchen as I upload pictures.
We hang between dry season and rainy season during May in Ghana, and what that amounts to practically?
Really hot and humid weather.
Ice cream is the best way for the body to cool down.
I'm sure there is a scientific fact saying that somewhere.....and if not, there should be.

As images begin to flash onto the screen, I think about my day.
An early morning, the usual for a mama of four to get everybody out the door on time.
Breaking of the fast and breaking of the Bread of Life together.
Mad dash to get everyone clothed, shod, combed, and settled into the car.

Some members of our church family are already at church, ready for services to begin.
We greet everyone as custom dictates, and then worship begins.
The strumming of the guitar fills our cement building with sound, and our voices soon join.

Today Mackay began the day before the sun {which is saying A LOT when you live in the tropics!}, so she's asleep long before we sing our first song.
Words in another language that used to mean nothing to me now fill my mouth and mind.
What joy to sing to our Saviour and God this bright, hot day!

With the rains come weeds, but luckily some of the weeds on our compound are covered in frilly, delicate flowers.
Lili decides she must pick every one she can find before Sunday School.
I teach on Samson, with our class clown to help me act it out, but he suddenly decides to play shy.
After Sunday School and combined church service and greeting everyone again {custom, custom!}, it is time for our afternoon activities to commence.

John heads to afternoon Bible studies class.
Those who desire to do so are learning how to study the Bible for themselves.
The kids and I quickly clean and straighten the chairs and such, and then my girls and their friends head off to play, and I gather my things to teach.

One of my Sunday School boys is dyslexic.
There are no special programs for children like him, and he is not doing well in school.
 We've dealt with these things a bit in our family, so I'm doing the best I can to help him learn to read.
We start at the beginning, using other senses besides sight to cement these letters in his mind.
We shape letters, "feel" their look, remember their sounds, and play a bit.
Then I let him choose one of the picture books I brought to be read to him.
English is not his first language, but unfortunately it is the language of all the schooling here, so I read just as if he could understand every word.
I hope and pray that the beauty of the pictures and the strange English words will slowly seep into his thinking.

While I'm tutoring, the kids play school,  or go "exploring."
At times they turn the old, half-built house at the back of the property into a house, or a library, or Cair Paravel, whatever suits their fancy for the day.

Today they are playing school, with a heavy emphasis on recess.
This shouldn't surprise me, since I dressed them all in white!

They run, skip, play tug-of-war, pull around a rather sad, but still rolling dog toy they found somewhere, and play on the "playground equipment."
Some one put on old merry-go-round of a sort at the back of the compound. It hasn't been sunken into the ground, and I'm quite sure that is why the children enjoy it so much.

A few accidents occur along the way ~ a leaky, dirty diaper {of course, she was wearing white!}, a broken sandal, but nothing that cannot be easily mended.

By the time everything is finished, we are hot, sweaty, filthy.
We say our good-byes.
We cram into the car and bump along home.
All of us are tired, dirty, and happy.
We've worshiped, and taught, and learned, and loved, and laughed, and smiled, and shared, and served......all the ingredients needed for an exceptionally good Sunday.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your heart! I love reading about your adventures in Ghana! Thanks for reminding me to see the beauty in our service for the Lord!

  2. Lovely, Patty! God bless you and your family as you minister in Ghana.

  3. Sounds like a great day! :) Thank you for "showing" us a Sunday in Ghana!