Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I can feel it in the air this time of year....
the need to freshen things up a bit.
Since we don't have winter and we don't have spring here in Ghana, it seems a bit odd that I'd feel the changing of the seasons so, but I do.
Maybe it's a result of my childhood, but maybe it's something else that can't be seen, just felt.

Easter is past and the decorations are down.
Spring break is a memory and school has slowly started up again.
I feel the desire, no, the necessity to freshen up some corners.
I'm compelled to add beauty.
There is a constant internal push to make our home more......
not more perfect,
not more fancy,
not more impressive,
simply more of what it can be.

I have no redecorating budget.
I have no Target to do a "weekend refresh".
No HGTV to give me ideas of all the latest and greatest things "every home needs" or so they say.
We simply go hunting through our house.
We pull out vases and old glass jars.
We grab scissors and head out to find interesting living things to put in them.

The girls get out the watercolors, and we paint while the lights are out.
We enjoy creating together, even if it's only creating a mess!

I drag out the sewing machine and the black linen towels I bought a year ago.
I dig for the craft paint and the stencils.
I start tackling the list of DIY's that have been floating around in my head for months.

I work hard at having fun in the process.
I must endeavor not to let my perfectionism stop me.
So baby grabbed the wet paint and smeared it a little?
Life goes on. It still looks cute!
Some of my lines smudged a bit when I was painting, should I trash it?
No way!
It looks homemade.
That's okay, too, because my home {and my life} are about so much more than appearances.

I'm learning right now {and hopefully teaching my girls at the same time}, that making beautiful things is an important, fulfilling, amazing blessing from our Creator God.
He is the only One who can make something from nothing, and He gives us the ability to imagine and dream, and then to make.
He's given us eyes to experience color;
ears that revel in the music of life around us;
hands that can sew or paint or draw or cook or serve or do innumerable things;
minds that can learn new skills and bodies that can then apply that knowledge.

He allows us to choose comeliness for ourselves, enhancing the virtue that comes from our Treasure hidden in earthly vessels.
He desires us to curate attractive homes that shine with the light of love.
He commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves and build Christ-honoring community.
He gifts us with the opportunity to bring artistry, order, and truth into an ugly, chaotic, sinful world.

Looking at it this way, I realize that all of this is about much more than a vague, seasonal urge.
This desire for beauty is a calling from Him.
It is another one of the million ways that Christ works in our hearts.
He never stops the wooing, this One who is Beauty, and He lets me find joy in the process.

* The stenciled pillows were Martha's idea, and the no-sew pillow cover idea was found here.
Carey and Ella are holding their finished bags from our vacation. 

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  1. Awesome job! :) I love the girls bags especially. They did beautifully. :)