Monday, March 16, 2015

For the Days When You Feel Like Your Drowning.....

There are days I feel like I'm drowning......
in life.
The enormity of all I have to do knocks me over like the waves of a stormy sea.
My lack of strength sweeps my feet out from under me.
The necessities of daily life pound against me like the tide coming in.
I'm tired of fighting against temptations, bad attitudes, my flesh, circumstances I can't fix, and troubles that won't stop.
I just want to give in.
To quit struggling.
To let the water take me where it wills.

Over the years, though, I've learned something about these days......
I may feel like I'm drowning, but I will only lose my fight for life if I accept it as truth.
It is easy to give in to these emotions, these imaginings, these lies of a weary heart.
Unlike the movies show it, drowning is usually a quiet passing, a succumbing to the surrounding waters rather than a struggle to the bitter end.

I don't want my heart, my mind, my will to slip noiselessly into a churning sea of doubt.
I can look at the dark waters surrounding me and quit, or I can fight for life.

I can cling to Scripture.
Just a verse or two may be all I need to bring me safely to shore. 
I can think truth.
God-inspired thoughts will form a life raft for the salvation of my weary heart.
I can call out for help to the Keeper of my soul.
He will snatch me from the raging waters that threaten to swallow me and bring me to a place of peace.
And when I'm sinking and my strength is spent, I can rest in the power of my God.
He'll pull me out of my pit and set my feet on Him, my Rock...
A haven from the storm.

* These pictures are from Takoradi, but not a recent visit.
We are planning, though, to get away for a much needed two-day rest next week.
Looking forward to sharing it with you after we get back!


  1. Hi Patty! I've been meaning to write you for a long time and tell you how much I enjoy your posts!!! They are always such an encouragement to me and many times I find I am feeling the same way. Living on the mission field is not easy and we need each others support and encouragement. Thanks for being such a blessing in my life!! - Wendy Daku

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that! I pray you will not get sucked under, but will stay afloat until the tide changes or the ship comes! Hugs from France

  3. What encouraging thoughts! Hope you have a wonderful respite!

  4. Just what I needed. :) Thanks for sharing your heart, as always, Patty! Love you all and miss you much!