Tuesday, February 10, 2015


*Sunday morning starts early. The electricity clicks off at 6:01 a.m.
The sun is up, but with no lights, all is gray and fuzzy.
I head to the kitchen to get lunch food started.
We have some church members coming over after the morning service, and Ghanaian food takes a while to prepare. Soon the smells of garlic, ginger, onion, red oil, and fish fill the kitchen.

We need to head out extra early this morning. John is preaching at the University campus before our normal church time. My two littlest aren't too keen on sitting still for an additional service today.
I spend most of the time outside chasing them and trying to keep their giggles quiet.

On to church. The sun is out in full force.
It's going to be a hot one today.
Mackay is quite the wiggle-worm, so I spend most of the service in the back.....as usual.
It's exciting to see our room slowly fill up.

We have a good number of kiddos for Sunday School.
They are happy to be here, and even happier to get their pictures taken.
We are extra thankful for the new roof on our room.
On days like today, the shelter is much appreciated.
No paint or decorations yet, but we are hoping it will be soon.

After morning service we have a change in plan: we have to drive one of our church members to the clinic.
She stepped on a nail at work before coming to church this morning.
Her ankle is starting to lock, and she needs to get a tetanus shot quickly.
We cram four adults and four kids into our tiny car, and head to see the mid-wife who handles such things.
After helping her get settled, we drop off the church member that rides to church with us, and then speed to the house to hopefully arrive before our guests.
Now I'm really glad I started the food before church.

A quick game of Blockus is in order while I finish the yam and stew.

After lunch and fellowship, our friends head home and we head to our rooms to rest for a few minutes before it is time to get ready for evening service.
The electricity buzzes back on at 4 p.m. An extra two hours of light today!
Sunday evenings are our popcorn night.
It's always popcorn and..........whatever else I can grab.
Tonight it happens to be brownies left over from lunch.
The guys had heard us talk about brownies, but had never tasted them so I made some for dessert.
I cut up a pineapple just in case they didn't like the brownies.
One did. One didn't.
I'm glad I cut the pineapple.

Off to Sunday night church. Mackay is very sleepy after our longer-than-normal day and shorter-than-usual nap. I spend the last half of the service outside, trying to keep her quiet when all she wants to do is stay awake.
Her method for doing so is screaming and running.
Yep, I'm glad we have a big compound.

Tonight everybody leaves church quickly.
Ghana is playing Ivory Coast for the African Cup of Nations, and the game is already half way over.
As soon as we get home, we quickly unload the car, pop the two sleeping ones into their beds, and then turn on the game. The older two want to stay up and watch. We pop some more popcorn and hope for a victory.

The game goes into overtime, and then on to a shoot-out.
Ghana loses the shoot-out 10 to 9.
We are sad for the loss, but happy for a good, full day.

*We get asked from time to time what our life is like here in Ghana, so I thought I'd share a random Sunday with you....


  1. Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us!

  2. Remind me never to complain about my version of busy again! That wore me out just reading! :) Love you all and miss you much! Thanks for sharing a "day in the life of..." with me!