Saturday, December 6, 2014

For the Days When Christmas Isn't Meeting Your Expectations.....

So most days the news feed isn't worth reading, and the friends' feed is full of sadness and heartache.
Some days the baby is naughty, bent on touching every single thing she isn't supposed to touch, grabbing full cups of milk and dumping them on her head, and smearing breakfast into her mass of curls.
Some days the lights are off, but the party next door is going loud and strong.
And some days?
They just feel bad.
I think......Christmas isn't supposed to be like this.

Other days the sun is shining, and the news the world over is looking just a little bit more cheery.
The baby goes right down for a nap, and the three-year-old remembers to take herself to the potty BEFORE she has an accident, and the big kiddos are enjoying themselves with Monopoly and crafts.
The lights are on, and the water is flowing, and the noise outside is quite bearable.
And those days?
They feel good.
I think......Christmas is supposed to be like this.

But is this how I'm supposed to view this time of year?
Good if all is good for me & Bad if all is bad for me?

I've chosen for my quiet time this December to follow the red thread of Christmas hope from Genesis to Jesus.
And, oh, how it has changed my point of view.
A story that starts with sin and pain, but with a promise, too.
It weaves through so much sorrow: the Flood judgment, more than one barren woman, a human sacrifice, hatred between siblings, a harlot, a widow.
But strung on that scarlet cord are beads of hope.

And on the seemingly good days and the seemingly bad days, I can dwell on the truth of Christmas...
Jesus came for me.
He came to make all the days,
and feeling are only *that*,
and I can live in HOPE.
Hope that.....
tomorrow may be better or worse, but He'll be right with me, because He never changes.
Hope that....
His mercies are new every morning, and no matter what comes my way, He is faithful.
Hope that.....
He knows what is best for me, and is working all things for my good and His glory.

So along with my other Christmas decorations, I hang the most beautiful one there is: the garland of hope, ever reminding me of Jesus.


  1. Beautiful, Patty! Yep, the HOPE is what Christmas is all about. Wonderful thoughts!

  2. Indeed. Great reminders, Patty. I think I needed to hear this especially with what's been going on lately. We can choose to live in joy and hope, and to trust our Lord to do what is best, even when it doesn't feel that way. Love you all and miss you lots!

  3. I like your titles, they come up on "missionary blogs", but I never managed to read any of your stuff because my eyesight can't manage the font. Do you have a button where the font can change into something legible for the visually less than 20/20? Some people do, but I couldn't find one.