Friday, December 26, 2014

A Holiday Season with Meaning: A Book Basket + Five Christmas Titles to Look For

We started our holiday book basket before our first child was even born.
I was just a month away from giving birth to our first child and a veteran missionary of exactly four months.
We had very little money, and no idea what we wanted Christmas to look like for our brand-new family.
The Christian book store in town had a very small selection of children's things, but we found one used Christmas book and thus our collection was born.

Now a book basket is an integral part of every holiday at our house.
We work hard to add a new book each year, whether by ordering  a special one, scouring the used book seller's stall in the market, buying a stack at the used book store while on furlough and doling them out one by one, or buying from people moving away.

And while Christmas is now over, you may be able to find some good deals on Christmas books for next year!
Our books are a mix of fun and faith, but these are a few of our favorites that focus on Jesus.

This beautiful book is illustrated in the style of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The paintings are beautiful, and my girls love searching for Jesus in the pictures. A unique take on the Christmas story, plus we learned lots of interesting things about the Middle Ages!
Set during the Great Depressions, this is a sweet story of a little girl who is missing her father.....and the real reason for Christmas. Josie learns that Christmas isn't really about getting the thing you want most in the world, it's about giving yourself. Lovely illustrations with a surprising ending.
Mary tells her son, Jesus, the story of his birth. A fresh perspective sweetly told, beautifully illustrated. My girls' favorite part is when little boy Jesus runs to his Mama to report the arrival of the men on the elephunks!
Jonathon Toomey the woodcarver, is called Mr. Gloomy by the village children, and that for good reason. When a widow lady and her son ask him to carve a special nativity for them, things start to change at Jonathon's house.
One Wintry Night is a well-told story, but the illustrations are what make the book. The full  story of Christmas is told starting at the very beginning ~ Creation ~ and following all the way through to the real ending ~ the Resurrection.
I find all my girls, both my readers and non-readers, going back to this one again and again.

So I'd love to hear.......what are some of your favorite Christmas books that focus on Christ?

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  1. Will have to look for these! They sound amazing. :)