Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thank You, Lord......

Thank you, Lord, for filling my cup to overflowing....
For giving me more goodness and blessing than I can bear.

Thank you that the ugly can be made beautiful.

Thank you for miracles, like the oil pot that kept filling other jugs, no matter how many times it was poured out.

Thank you for fruits found by the wayside ~ the unexpected gifts as we journey life's roads.

Thank you for the tiny blessings, waiting to unfurl as we take the time to notice them.

Thank you for a change of scenery, the mountains that declare your strength.

Thank you for new roads to travel, knowing You go with us.

Thank you for stately trees that point to You, their amazing Creator.

Thank you for shades of color, each one a reflection of your beauty.

Thank you for sharing your infinite imagination with us, as you made creature after creature.

Thank you for eyes that can marvel at your world.

Thank you for the moments to stop and wonder.

Thank you for the laughter that fills our hearts and mouths as we experience something new.

Thank you for clouds and sky and the gifts You generously shower on us before we even ask.
Thank you, for always being before us, and continually being behind us, and constantly covering us with your mighty hand.
Thank you, Lord.

Wishing you a beautiful time of giving thanks with those God has blessed you with!


  1. Thank you for reminders of blessings from God that we often overlook. May you and your family have a bless-ed Thanksgiving. Love to all...

  2. Wow, lovely! What IS that animal? I thought it was fake in the first picture!

    1. Amy, it's a pangolin! The young man said that people eat them, but when I said I didn't want to eat it, he assured me it could be a nice pet! It took me a while to convince him I only wanted a picture ;)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving (a little early), Patty! I got my book and can't wait to start really diving into it. I've already flipped through it. Lots to read and discover. :) Thank you for all you and yours do for me and mine. Certainly will be missing you over the holidays. Praying for you all! Love you and miss you much!