Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Holiday Season with Meaning: Give Thanks!

Maybe you ate too much candy last night, or you're still finding bits of caramel stuck in your teeth from a delicious caramel apple.
Maybe there are remains of party messes and costume piece scattered here and there around your house.
Maybe you're one of those who wants to pull out the Christmas tree and string the lights tonight.

If all you really want is the perfect holiday season this year ~ no stress, no pressure, no arguments, no worries, no disappointments, something with real meaning ~ then I encourage you to start here.
Start with a thankful heart.
In the short time I've lived on this Earth, I've learned that no amount of festivities, decorations, presents, or parties can make up for an ungrateful heart.
A heart, mind, and mouth that whispers its thanks daily will find the coming weeks to be beautiful and abundant. 
You will find beauty and joy in the fleeting and the momentary; you'll find contentment and calm in the gifts and the busyness.
Seek for truth. Hunt it down.
Then write it, share it, live it together.

Take the time to thank.......
a thankful tree....
a thankful wreath....
a thankful garland....
a thankful board....
a thankful tablecloth...
or maybe a box and turkey like ours.

Choose something.
Make it your own;
Begin a season of gratefulness with those you love most,
and enjoy watching the joy that only true thankfulness brings unfold.

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  1. Truer words, Patty. :) Thankfulness can cure a lot of ills, and a lack of it can ruin anything. Thanks for the reminder!