Monday, October 20, 2014

What Would You Share?

There are days, weeks, at times that can be so.........heavy.
And really, after a bumpier time in life has passed, I just don't feel up to writing anything too weighty.
Don't get me wrong........heavy things, hard things, deep things, growing things, stretching things are important and helpful.
But some days?
Well, I just want to sit back and catch my breath, and thank God for bringing us through them.

{Before anyone starts to worry, these were all just heavy things for this mama ~ sick kiddos for three weeks running, a wee babe with a scorching hot temperature that couldn't be taken away but had to just be lived through, long hours of darkness as our electricity company tried to figure out how to make enough for everybody, and a few physical problems of my own as baby fully transitioned from mama's milk to family food.}

I'd love to invite each one of you to sit with me at the picnic table on the porch or curl back into our wicker couch in the front room.
We'd sit and talk about what our lives look like right now.
I'd share about the struggle it is on many days knowing how to balance being a mama, and a wife, and a teacher, and a missionary, and a cook, and a friend.
I'd talk about the chaos that explodes on my schoolroom when the two little girls are awake and mama is still trying to finish schooling the two big girls.
You'd share about the things that keep you busy, and the thoughts that keep you up at night and on your knees in prayer.
Maybe we'd laugh about loosing weight or gaining weight or gray hair or wrinkles.
You'd tell me about the ways God has called you to reach out to this world, how hard it is on some days, and what an amazing blessing it is on others.
I'd talk about our church of young believers:  about these women whom I love so much and desire to see grow to become grounded, faithful wives and mothers, about these young men whom I want more than anything to be brave and godly husbands and fathers, about these children who come so faithfully to understand the Scriptures, be saved, and grow up with a burning desire to serve the true God.

We'd share what inspires us.....
the truths from God's Word,
the books we've read,
the people we've been privileged to meet,
the blogs we read,
the sermons that have taught us,
the music that soothes our souls,
the art that makes our hearts sing,
even the food we love!

I'd tell you about the mortifying cultural and language mistakes I've made, and you'd share your most embarrassing moments.
We'd laugh together and maybe we'd cry.
You'd ask me questions about life here in Ghana, and I'd ask questions about your life wherever it is you live.
I'd show you around my house, and talk about how I've worked to make this place our home, and share the projects I'm working on when I get a few spare minutes here and there.
I'd want to hear about your home, and how you've made it yours ~ the renovation projects you have done and those you want to do some day.
Of course, I'd want to see pictures, too ~ they are worth a thousand words, you know!
Maybe as we swapped stories and pictures,  we'd swap recipes, too.
Maybe you'd tell me about the things you make time for no matter what.....
photography, or writing, or cooking, or sewing, or reading, or singing, or painting, or crafting, or hiking, or swimming, or exercising......

And maybe after all that, we'd feel like we knew each other a little better.
We'd be willing to pray for each other a little bit more, encourage each other a little bit more, take time to reach out to each other a little bit more.
Maybe that's why I write in this place......
to share just a bit of myself and this life God has called me to live.....

But I guess that begs the question........
what would you share, if you had the chance?

*If you feel so inspired, please feel free to share in the comments or on facebook!


  1. You are SO good at expressing yourself! I love the way your write with such ease. I live in a place where Internet access is very limited. My blog gets abandoned a lot, although my heart is always so ready to express itself in some form of writing. But these are the times I pour my heart out to God. He Who knows every corner of our hearts and minds; He Who knows the intentions of our actions. I'd love to spend an afternoon with you. I feel we'd need more than an afternoon together, though, for I feel we are kindred spirits. I love your writings, and I really do admire you.

    1. Dear Anna,
      Isn't it such a blessing that we never really have to wait to express our hearts? I wish I'd learned sooner that when I want to express all that fills my heart and mind, I can first go to Him! I'm sure we'd have a lovely afternoon together ~ I'd love to hear all about your life there in Mexico!

  2. Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I can so often relate and your last 2 posts were especially encouraging. Your girls are precious, and I am grateful to hear and know that you and John are still "everlastingly at it"! May God bless you and the work He has given you to do.
    Jocelyn T. (the Middle East)

    1. Oh, Jocelyn,
      So very glad you've been encouraged! We pray for you and Stephen and those sweet girls on a regular basis!

  3. I'd share friendship, asking the Lord to guide our conversation. I'd share love and experience. (My children are grown, but I remember the days of sick little ones and needy times.) I'd probably share prayer. (There's nothing like praying with a friend.) I'd share hugs. I do those well. I'd share laughter and probably also tears--but more laughter. I hug you today from a continent away.

    1. Dear Lou Ann,
      I'm quite sure that among all the other responsibilities God has given you, that you should start traveling around the world to visit all of us younger missionary mamas so you could share all that wisdom, the prayers, and most especially the hugs. There are days when that is what many of us need most! Thank you for being a biblical "older woman" {though not old at all!}

  4. And we both blog to share part of ourselves; to be blessings and encouragements and sometimes to just speak to ourselves. Sometimes my posts are "for me" and everyone gets to "listen" in. :) Praying for you all and love you much!

  5. I agree with Anna, you do a great job of expressing yourself! I often want to write blog posts about certain topics but hesitate for fear that I will be misunderstood. As a fellow missionary, I would share with you my struggles in hope that we would realize how similar our lives really are, even though we live in completely different "worlds" (Africa and Siberia, Russia). When you can sit down with a friend over coffee and share your struggles, you can see how common they really are and it allows you to laugh about them and plug on through them!

    1. Dee Dee, I can't imagine living in Siberia! But I can imagine that we have a lot more in common than would first meet the eye! And yes, laughter is usually one of the best medicines for the hard days!
      Sending you some Ghana sunshine today!

  6. Patti, thank you for your encouraging words! Thank the Lord for the internet where we can share prayer request and praises around the world! If we were together, we would reminisce I'm sure. I would want to know about life in Ghana. I would share how God is still saving souls in Knoxville each week, how young people from the bus routes are attending Crown College, how Taiwan came to church the other day. We would rejoice about how God is working around the world and how we have to continually look to Him through the daily tasks. And many many other things I know. I love you and I'm praying for you. Heather Hilliard