Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Car

The funny thing about being a missionary is that many people assume that you live exactly like them, but in a different country, speaking a different language, and maybe eating different food.
Most of us never stop to think about day-to-day things in other countries, because our natural default is to think that everybody lives just like we do.
You might find it odd then, if I tell you that we have lived in Ghana for over eleven years and for about ten of those years, we lived without a car.
We had a car for a short while during our first term and begged God never to make us have a car ever again. It was terrible. I'll spare you the details.

Living in a city of 2.5 million people who almost all use public transportation, getting around isn't hard to do.
Time consuming? Yes.
Frustrating some days? Yes.
Rough during rainy season? Yes.
A great way to learn culture and language? Yes.
A way to connect with our people? Yes.

But when Baby #4 came along, we started thinking that it might be time to reconsider on the car issue. Finding room in a tro-tro {a Asian snub-nose mini-van that sits 13 adults} for the whole family, even with kids stacked up like blocks was getting harder and harder. And forget a join-along car {a taxi that you can join as it goes to the next station}, because if there were already other passengers, we had a hard time packing all six of us in two or three spots!

So we started praying that God would give us the right car at the right time for the right amount of money.
My husband was secretly praying for an automatic {as almost all cars here are manuals, and he doesn't like to drive a stick}, and I was secretly praying for awesome African-print seat covers {because I knew John would never mess with getting any made!}

At the end of June, God answered every single prayer we had prayed about a car.
Right car.
Right time.
Right amount of money.
Automatic transmission.
African-print seat covers.

Its tiny size helps John maneuver in and out of our wild traffic safely.
There are no seat belt or car seat laws, so we don't have to worry about four girls in the back seat.
It has run perfectly since the day we brought it home.
Its been a blessing and a help right when we really needed it.

God had it just for us.
And we are so glad He did.


  1. You cracked me up with the seat covers...and I love them! ;-)

  2. What a blessing! So glad God took care of all the datails! I love the color...and the seatcovers!

  3. Awesome, Patty! :) So excited for you!! Love you and miss you all! P.S. Love the seat covers and awesome green color. ;)