Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For the Days When You Think Your Dreams Must Die.....

I'm a dreamer, a visionary by nature.
I have big ideas,
and great hopes,
and build castles in the sky.
But I've now lived long enough,
and grown up enough to know that
not all the big ideas are good ideas,
not all the great hopes are hoping in the right thing,
and that some of those castles are in the sky for a reason.....
they have no basis in reality.

In learning these truths, though, it's easy to give up on all the dreams, the things that don't come easily.
I'ts simpler to just accept that the day-to-day things must be done daily;
that there will always be duties that must be performed;
that the washing, the cooking, the straightening, the folding, the putting away will consume all my time.
That there will be no time for the dreaming things.

I'm inspired this weekend by something that challenges me to do the impossible.
And I feel the dream begin to awaken in the quietest parts of me.
It's been stuffed down deep so that I don't feel like a failure every time an idea has to be laid aside,
a hope has to be deferred.
This dream calls me to live this life to its grandest, fullest potential.

Instead of shoving it back down, this time I stop and think.
I pray and wonder and ask God to show me how to live these dreams.

I ask Him to show me how I can possibly......
walk with Him moment by moment,
and daydream,
and mother my kids,
and write,
and love my husband,
and create,
and clean my house,
and dream,
and minister to my people,
and play,
and share the gospel,
and laugh,
and help the least of these,
and dance,
and be His hands, and His feet, and His ambassador on this Earth,
and yet squeeze every drop of happiness and joy I can out of this one life.
I beg for the wisdom to know how to do it all ~
How to fit all the pieces together.

He whispers it in the stillness.
"Instead of letting the dreams die, hand them to Me, my child. Tell Me your dreams, your hopes, your wildest desires. Pour them into My hands, your own special, secret treasures. Trust Me with them. Then wait. Watch as I give them back in My own way, in My own time, and see if they aren't ever so much more than you could have hoped. You will be living a dream, but not your fragile, finite dream. You will be living what I, your Creator, imagined for just you."  
I step out into the room where my husband is making music and my girls are twirling wildly.
I grab a child and spin slowly, filled to overflowing with His abundant, life-giving hope and grace. 


  1. I so needed this today! Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh Patty, so true! I too had so many dreams, most of them frustrated by time and situation. But God thankfully never let them fully die. Today, I see how the waiting and the dreaming all came together in His time and for the good. Keep dreaming and rejoicing in His will. LOVED this!

  3. Amen and amen. He "...is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think..." (Ephesians 3:20) I think our dreams do the best in His hands. :) If He can do more for me than I could ever dream - something I can't even fathom - then why would I not want that? Why would I stubbornly hold on to "my way" when His way can be so much more? Yah, I don't know either. :) Love you all and miss you much! Praying for your dreams and everything in between, Patty!