Tuesday, October 28, 2014

For the Days When You Need Instagram for the Soul.....

Tonight I found a poisonous millipede in the bathtub while bathing Mackay.....
It was alive.
No picture.

I tried my hand at garden egg stew....again.
It was too fishy.

{I probably should have guessed that might be a problem since it had fish in the ingredients three times.}

Carey noticed the pit shower had clogged after her shower, so she cleaned it out.
The three-year old had emptied her dirty potty and left the remains in the shower.....
not sure how many days that had been sitting there.
No picture.

School was fine.
I knocked down all the cobwebs in the house.
The baby only ripped up one roll of toilet paper, ate one small box of matches, and smacked her head on anything hard once today.
No picture.

The lights were on.
The water was back after being off yesterday.
I have a mountain of laundry.

This is how my life was spent today.
None too glamorous.

But is that the point of life?
That it looks good in the pictures?
Or is life supposed to be lived for good or bad, for beautiful or ugly, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, whether or not supper turns out the way I hoped or there are creepy things in the bathtub?
Because if I base the worth of my life, the amazingness of this one life on how good it would look on facebook.....
many of my days could seem worthless.

I would love to have an Instagram feed.......
but I don't have a smart phone.
{I'm quite convinced I'm not smart enough to use one anyway!}
Then I think about that.....
and wonder what I'd actually take pictures of.
My walk down the dusty road to buy hot peppers for supper?

The millipede?
No picture.
School books?

Messes that only a one-year old and a three-year old could create?
No picture {*I've shared way too many of those in the past!}.
My overflowing mending basket?
No picture.
The flooded bathroom {again}?
No picture {*see above note}.
Maybe a selfie of my messy hair and sweaty face after a hot day?
No picture {*see above note}.

Then I ask myself......
isn't my life worth more than the things I can capture with my lens?

What if life isn't about the things I can capture with the snap of my camera, but about the things I can't always see.....
the things I have to capture with a heart that searches for the hidden blessings?

What if it is about......
The smiling face of my neighbour when I greet her and inquire about her family and business in the language she can understand?
The millipede that I saw before it stung baby or me?
The twinkle in my daughters' eyes when they listen to their history story and something clicks?
The little ones who've slowly been learning to sit a little longer, play a little quieter, fuss a little less while Mama teaches the older girls?

Enough clothes to wear that the mending basket can overflow a little longer?
The bathroom that now has a clean floor {thanks to an unexpected deluge of water!}?
The "less-than-perfect" look at the end of the day that shows I've worked hard and served my family?

Maybe that's the feed I need at the end of the day......
instead of an Instagram of beautiful pictures, I need an Instagram of beautiful truths.
Images that remind me that my God is good,
my life is blessing on top of blessing,
and that hidden gifts are everywhere, if I'm willing to look hard enough.
My own Instagram feed for the soul.


  1. Beautifully said Patti! although the ingredients may different, and geography not the same, a day in the life of a Mama can be very similar no matter where you live! Thank you for this great reminder. We love you, and we are praying for you. Love, the Hilliard family

  2. Patty, do you ever suspect that some of those families with gorgeous Instagram photos (a little jealous, here) aren't as happy and wonderful as they may seem? And, maybe it's all those blessing moments we don't film that make the difference? What's more satisfying down deep? I think there's a lot of merit in working hard, in serving one's family, in letting your neighbor know she is important to you. And, those things, though not "camera worthy" are the ones that count--and give us joy. Great post! You have a gift.

  3. Amen Patty! Life is definitely not always picture perfect, but that does not mean it isn't good. I will take the messes of a productive life over the picture perfectness of a museum any day.

  4. Amen and amen. Pretty pictures are not spur of the moment most of the times. They are carefully angled shots to show only the beauty, cropped just so to hide any ugly. They are lies, even if they are lies of elimination. I would much rather have truth and see the beauty that comes from seeing the imperfection. I would much rather let God show me the beauty He gives even when it is dark and scary...and share that with the world! :)