Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Missing Piece ~ An Updated Tour of our Master Bedroom

I've really enjoyed sharing our home with you over the last year.
As I was looking through the pictures, my oldest sweetly said, "Mom, it's been a long time since our house was that clean!"
Yes, thank you for the reminder, dear child.
I will just remind us all that I had a baby right at the beginning of the school year, and a little one with a heart operation in another city right after Easter, and visitors for the month of June, and schooling that didn't get finished until the end of July.
I do have a good list of excuses.
In the midst of the chaos, though my house must have been a bit messy, I did get to work on a few house projects.
I had lots I wanted to get done before our visitors came.....some got done, and some didn't.
Such is life!

When I posted pictures of the master bedroom, I mentioned that I didn't feel that it was quite finished:
Reason One being my chair with a big chunk of foam for a cushion,
Reason Two being the need of an accent color.
As they say on good ol' HGTV, it needed something to make it *POP*

As I looked through an old Better Homes & Gardens magazine my mother had mailed me, a few pictures stuck out to me.
I had a germ of an idea.
I say a germ, because there is no such thing as a Target, a HomeGoods, a J.C. Penney, or a Bed, Bath, and Beyond here.
Decorating takes a good bit of patience, an imaginative eye, some "fortuosity", and having the money right when it's needed!
I knew my best bet was to find things in Accra, but we weren't planning a trip any time soon.
God soon changed all our plans.
Not long after I got my idea, we found out we'd be spending a few weeks in Accra for Lili's heart surgery.
I prayed for two things during Lili's recovery ~ that we'd have a little time after Lili was out of the hospital for our family to reconnect and that we'd have a little leftover money to buy some things for our bedroom.
God was gracious enough to answer both prayers.
The only thing I knew for sure was the color I was looking for. After that, it was a bit vague.

This is what I came home with:

And this is what we did with it!

We love it!
I'm quite sure that I've always secretly wanted a bright piece of furniture in my life and didn't even know it!

So I'm curious......

Yeah for lime green!!!!!
Sorry, it's too bright for me!!!

Please share. 
Have you ever painted or wanted to paint something a bold color?
I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Yeah for lime green!! It looks great! Decorating is definitely a challenge without Hobby Lobby, Target, or even a Walmart! Sometimes I have to stay off Pinterest for a while or I get really frustrated that my house will never look like that. Where we live, it has to be more about practicality and not prettiness! When I shop for something now, it's about how much dust will this show, and how easy is it to clean! You did a great job using what you could get there. I love it!

  2. Yeah for green! I love the colors. We used some of those in my daughter's bedroom. I know you're enjoying it. Glad things have leveled out for you. We continue to pray...

  3. Yeah even though I am not a girl or in touch with my femanin side, Kristi and you Patty have similar ideas :)

  4. It is so very restful, yet so cheerful. The green and blue remind me of nature and spending time alone with God and hiking with my husband when we were young before I became ill. It is not too bright. It is God's love itself, which is restful and wild and joyful and lifts you up all at the same time, and that you found it right when He knew you needed just that blessing, I would say it is exactly right. HGTV would love it too.

  5. Terrific! I really like the turquoise and blue with the lime. Everything came together really well, and the table paint job was a brilliant idea. LOVE your bedroom! Thank you for sharing.

  6. It looks great Patty. Very pretty - with a great "POP" of color

  7. I love it! Looks great! :) I'm a fan of lime green, anyway. :) It looks perfect in there.

  8. Yeah for lime green! :D I enjoyed the tour!

  9. I LOVE it! The pop of color adds so much.

  10. You are officially hired as my decorator... So when can you start? ;-)

  11. Thanks for linking up! I always love your house tour!

  12. I love it! It's just the perfect amount--not too much at all! Off to check out the rest of your tour!