Friday, July 25, 2014

The Common Things

It's easy to think that the most important things in life are the BIG things.....
that my husband will remember the surprise date I put together for him.....
that my children will recall the pancakes shaped like teddy bears.....
that the grandparents will smile over the hand-made Christmas gifts....
that the people in our church will remember the Easter Monday picnic.

But I've been reminded of something recently.....
really important, but really simple:

People remember what is most common.

My husband might remember that I set up a surprise date for him, but he might not.
What he will remember is how I lived most days....
was I kind to him?
did I smile at him?
was my speech sharp, my tone harsh,
or did I speak lovingly?
Did I respect him?

My kiddos may remember the teddy bear pancakes, but they may not.
What they will remember was how I treated them....
did I get frustrated easily?
did I yell, fuss, nag, and complain?
did I ignore them for things I deemed "more important"?
did I take the time to look at them and smile?

Did they get to spend time outside, soaking up God's sunshine?
Did I read to them?
Did I let them pick flowers?
Did I allow them to play?

Did I teach them how to wash dishes, pick up after themselves, make biscuits?
Did I make them a daily priority?

The grandparents surely remember the hand-made Christmas gifts.....
but wouldn't they appreciate more...
a card regularly in the mail,
some new scribbly pictures,
a photo of their sweet grandbabies from this month instead of last year,
and a weekly phone call?

Yes, our church members probably remember the fun we had at the Easter Monday picnic,
but what is more important is how I treated them the last time we met.
Did I make sure and greet them at church on Sunday?
Was I well-prepared for our lesson when we met together?
Did I send a text or make a phone call when I heard their son was sick?
Did I encourage them the last time we saw each other?
Did I spend time praying for them?
Did I live out Christ's love for them this week?

Yes, big things are good.
But the common things.....
those are the most important.

For the common things make up our days,
the days make up our years,
and the years make up our lives.

And a life full of common, but beautiful things?
It is a beautiful life indeed.

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  1. Truer words, Patty, truer words. Thank you for the reminder. This has been on my heart a lot lately, too. Love you!