Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Trade-Off

We've had a just a scant two weeks home from Lili's surgery.
Scraping, painting, sanding, cleaning, and rearranging have filled every spare minute.
And like most of us, those "extra" minutes are really just added on top of an already full schedule.
Mom, Dad, and a friend will arrive in the capital tomorrow night for a two week stay.
We will leave out on a bus early tomorrow morning to be there in time to get them.

Between a washing machine that keeps flooding, the water being sporadic and the laundry piling up, and an eight-month old who is cutting three teeth at once, we've had some long days {and longer nights!}
But these, THESE are the days I'm thankful for wise mentors.

As a very young mother, I was given the advice to make sure my kids knew they were needed. That hasn't always been an easy task, and I've not always followed through, but now, in these busy, whirl-wind days, I see the teaching bearing fruit.
My older two kiddos have jumped in with willing hands and hearts, and they've been nothing but a help as we've sprinted toward our finish line.

They've even done their best to decorate the room for our friend with what they could find....including the pictures that were taken off their bedroom walls when we repainted and a Trojan horse left over from a school project.

So some of our projects won't be done.

That's okay.

We've worked hard together.
My kids have gained some confidence knowing that we couldn't have done this without them.
And we'll have a few weeks with those we love.
A pretty good trade-off, I'd say.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! You are so encouraging to normal people everywhere, especially on the mission field.

  2. I am glad you are human!!! Yes, you are encouraging!!!! Have a safe trip and enjoy Mom & Dad!!

  3. I like the pictures. The font looks kind of friendly, but I can´t read what it says.

  4. Oh, Patty if you could have seen the look on your Mom's face Wednesday as she said, "Friday, I'm off!" you would know that all she cares about is the hugs and seeing her precious loved ones. Praying for safety, great stories, and wonderful memories!

  5. Enjoy the time with your folks and friend, Patty! Love you and miss you!