Monday, May 26, 2014

For the Days When All Is Uncertain.....

There are days when you stand on the brink of uncertainty, not knowing what will happen next.
Days when you've prayed all you can pray, cried all you can cry, and must simply, quietly, trustingly wait.
We've been there and back many times over the last few months.
That hard place where God asks us to believe,
to trust,
to be patient,
to rest,
to allow Him to be in control.

We've been to a place of wounding.....and now healing;
a place of sorrow....and now joy;
a place of fear....and now faith;
a place of desperation....and now hope.

God did not save us from the storm.
He saved is IN IT.

He brought each needed thing, every necessary person, and the required places together at just the right instant to help our daughter, grow our family, and bring Him glory.

We would have never chosen this path for ourselves.....
but can only thank Him for walking it with us.

Thank you for praying with us through these hard days.

Though each day hasn't been easy, Lili is recovering and growing stronger.
We are trying to get things in order for the arrival of my mom and dad and a friend.
In two months time, we'll head to the heart doctor again and check and see if Lili's heart is shrinking back to normal size.
We've jumped back into ministry just in time to finish our missions month.
These days are wild, messy, and little bit overwhelming,
but when I consider the alternative?
I couldn't be more grateful!


  1. I am happy to read all of this.

  2. So happy to hear this about Lili! Praise the Lord! Btw, I love how you do your blog, Patty! Such beautiful pictures and shows so well your life there!

  3. I am so thrilled she is doing better! She is so beautiful. I look forward to watching her grow and see how God blesses the world with her life.

  4. So glad to hear it! Praise the Lord.

  5. God is so good! I'm glad you got to experience Him in this very real way, though it wasn't what you may have chosen. He has a way of giving us what we need over what we want, though the 2 do line up at times, and His way is always best. :) I am so glad that Lili is recovering well, that God has made Himself so real, and that you are all home...even if it is crazy! Praying that Lili's heart is shrinking back to normal size, and that God will give you wisdom and direction and peace, even if it is not! Love you so much and praying for you! Enjoy your time with your parents and friend! :)