Friday, April 4, 2014

Giving Birth to a Church

There are days when I feel filled to the brim and overflowing.
This day was one of those days.

Six years we've been preparing, and working, and investing, and praying.

And just like one waits in readiness and anticipation for the birth of a new baby, we've done the same for this baby church.

And now God has done it. He has brought forth a church for His glory.

And all I can do is thank the Lord for letting me have a part!

And for all those who've prayed with us these many years? A quick video of God's work here in Ghana....


  1. Beautiful. I am sharing this. :o) Praise the Lord!

  2. We are praising the Lord right along with you, Patty(and John:)
    He is blessing the work there in Ghana, that's for sure. Thanks
    for posting this for all of us. We love your family and pray for you!!
    Love to all, Cindy Lewis

  3. Love you all, and all I can say is, "Amen!" :) God bless you as you serve Him in Ghana!

  4. This is sooo exciting! Congratulations on such a wonderful day in your church history!

  5. Such a blessing to read this post and see the pictures! Yes, what a blessing to see what God hath wrought! Six years. I agree with the fact that you didn't rush things, but instead let it grow and mature in the Lord first. It will be a much stronger church in the long run. So happy for you and the Aarons, and I am praying for your little girl and for her sisters and her mommy and daddy.