Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome To Our Nest House Tour ~ My Kitchen

My Kitchen....
I never thought I'd think of a kitchen that way, but I do.
I really, really do.
Most days I love this place.
After having three tiny kitchens in the first three places John and I lived together, this kitchen was a blessing dropped right into my lap.
{By tiny I mean, having the-refrigerator-in-the-hall-and-pots-and-pans-piled-on-top-of-the-washing-machine tiny.}
But this kitchen, MY kitchen is a dream come true.
It has a pantry full of shelves for pots and pans and room for the other odds things we use regularly here like carrying baskets for taking food to sick people and a giant trash can full of water for when we run out and extra LP gas tanks since that is what we cook with and an extra door, because well, where would you put an extra door when you live in a place without garages?

I've collected Coca-Cola paraphernalia since I was young, and even though I don't drink Coke anymore, I love to use bits of my old collection and the odds and ends I've found here {like my curtains}.

The other reason it seems odd to think of this as MY kitchen is because I didn't like to cook when I was a young wife and mother.
I've learned that time and practice can change most anything, and now I enjoy {most days!} my time in this room.
It has been a bit hard with the newest babe, but I'm slowly finding my way back and making the most of my extra moments there.

The sunshine streams right into the windows as it is time to make supper.
My little loves help with the prep and the dishes from the day.
I've come to enjoy this room and the part it plays in making us a happy family.
Why wouldn't I be happy to call this MY kitchen?


  1. I love this kitchen,...We are heading back to the field in July and I am dreaming of having a brighter kitchen with a little more room, but will have to wait and see,...my last one was very small,...almost like a hallway of space to work. It is really where I spend most of my time so it is so important to feel happy there,...so happy for you:) Cape Verde, Africa, Kimberly Snoddy:)

  2. CUTE!!! I ADORE the red cupboards! Glad you are enjoying {most of the time} your kitchen. (I'm working on learning to enjoy mine, too) ;)

  3. Our daughter has lived in at least four places now, and her Coca Cola themed things go with her everywhere. I enjoyed seeing your pretty red cabinets and the neat curtains. Thank you for the tour. God bless!

  4. Very nice! Glad you have more cupboard space now! :)

  5. I love your kitchen and am a bit jealous! I wish I had as much usable space. :) The Coke decor is adorable, too.