Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Learning Rhythm

Since Mackay joined our family in September we've been struggling to find our rhythm.
In no area has it been more felt than in our schooling.
Our first term we determinedly slogged through most of our days, tossing out whatever wasn't most pressing.
{Some days we even skipped the really brain-taxing stuff, too!}

I was decided that second term would not be that way.
I'll admit, we did get a bit of a later start than I'd hoped, but all in all, I think we've started to find our way back to what works for us.

Since I am the kiddos sole teacher, and I happen to be a mama with a fair list of chores, we've found we have to be a bit creative to fit everything in.
But slowly, slowly, it is starting to come together.

It is starting to just....feel right.
Moving between reading and laundry and kitchen and hanging clothes and playing with littles and feeding baby, and nature study, and keeping this busy home running smoothly, we are finding our way.

And when we have a day that flows from one thing to the next to the next?
We all feel it, the rhythm of a day done well.

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  1. Awesome, Patty! We're still working on our rhythm. Some days, we got it! Other days, not so much! :) We'll get there! Love you all and miss you much!