Monday, February 17, 2014


 Some Mondays are quiet, slow-going Mondays.
And other Mondays?
The ones that really should be spelled in all caps because they shout you out of bed Mondays?
Yeah, I have those kind too.
Last week was a Slimy Mommy week.
Please tell me you have weeks like that, too!
Weeks where Mama is slimed by just about everything possible, including but not limited to mucus, spit-up, vomit, snot, and a few I'll not mention here....
The weather is changing as we hover on the edge of dry-season-ending and rainy-season-beginning, but neither one is really sure they want to stay.
And so most of us have had a nasty cold.
Yes, we do get colds where it is hot.
Strange, I know.
While the weather is trying to make up its mind we swing back and forth between hot and dry....and hot and wet....then really hot and dry....then really hot and really wet.
I was hoping when I woke up this morning that it would be a gentle Monday.
It was a screaming MONDAY!!!
And so I dragged my grumpy, ridiculously sleepy carcass out of bed.
Everybody was starving at exactly the same time, including baby {who hasn't wanted to eat the last few days and suddenly decided to make up for it}.
Hubby had to get out the door to go get fresh milk.
Older girls were SO hungry they couldn't do their chores {or so they said!}.
And two year old was whining non-stop for food while rubbing her dripping, snotty nose all over my clean bed cover.
{I warned you it has been slimy around here!}
I slumped into the kitchen and then realized that like most Mondays, I didn't have any food.
Well, that's not really true......I had food.....
it was just the kind you have to do something to get, AKA it wasn't quick.
And so I set about getting something cooking, rallying the troops, and feeling sorry for myself.
So my day went.
It seemed to run a bit in a vicious cycle....
get the next thing on the list going....
rally the troops....
feel sorry for myself.
It really didn't get much better as I tried to get the milk processed, a quick grocery list written for hubby, kiddos school work done, reading to the little one and trying to keep her out of trouble since she's not taking naps anymore, feeding starving baby, and trying to make a dent in the housework.
We finally got school done {after getting quite bumfuzzled by math}, and little one and baby had both fallen asleep for a few blessed minutes, and hubby was home with the groceries.
I grabbed his hand, asked the older girls to keep an eye on the littles, and stepped out the gate to go buy a few things from some of the ladies who sell food out of their houses.
I needed space.
I needed air.
I needed just a few seconds of getting away from the rut I'd been in all day.
That's when I saw her....
a little neighbor girl playing on our front lawn {which is really just a strip of grass in front of the wall, but one of very few in the area we live in}.
She had a stone for her cooker and some dried coconut shell pieces for dishes.
I quickly bought the things I needed, and then called the girls to come play.
I didn't want to call them.
Not that I didn't want them playing.....
I just didn't want them playing outside the gate, because I knew it would be more work for me.
I would have to be outside the gate with them....
wasting valuable time that I needed to use to get stuff done....
I thought.
I called them anyway.
I sat outside anyway.
I "wasted" my valuable time anyway.
And when I stopped thinking about all I had to do?
Well, I forgot to feel sorry for myself.
It stopped that terrible circling in its tracks.
And my shrieking Monday settled down into the quiet hum of our community and the giggling of a ring of girls.

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  1. When our eyes truly open, we can stop and breathe in life in all the ways God intends it to be. I know I've had a few of those "But I have so much to do" moments where I just said, "But they need me more, so I'm going to let go of what I think I have to do and let them have what they need." It does the soul good, and then the work doesn't seem so much or so important. Perspective changed...and in a good way. :) Love you guys, and thanks for this, Patty. It touched my heart.