Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome to Our Nest House Tour ~ Girls' Bedroom

Today I'd like to show you around our girls' room.
Like most of the other rooms in our house, this one has finally come together in the last year or so, but truth be told, it won't stay this way for long!
With three girls in this room {and one more when she moves out of mama and daddy's room!}, we have to be creative with the space.
I've learned that that isn't a bad thing, though.
I've learned to love a minimalist look!

Like the rest of the house, we've sourced many things from Ghana and added some beautiful things we've found when traveling, but this room has more personal crafts than any other.
My girls love to create, and I wanted their artwork to be a part of the decor, too.

The girls made the butterfly canvases and the letter strip art.
I made the picture frame hoop, and the prints are just postcards of my favorite artist, Monet, that we picked up on furlough.

The girls got these prints for Christmas two years ago ~ I just love Sarah Jane's work!

The mobile was lots of fun to make, but we found out that butterflies on a fan don't fly ~ they quickly get twisted into knots! They have since migrated to another spot!

In the end, I don't think my kiddos' room needs to be too fancy ~ beds, some space for their special things, books, and a few things beautiful for the eye are enough.

I think we've been blessed to have that!

Out of your kiddos share a room? have you decorated it or not bothered? what do you think is important in a child's room?


  1. Loved the Monet along with contemporary butterflies and flowers! I'm sure your girls love their room. Our kids are grown, but we did our son's room with a maritime theme--blue and cream, with touches of red, boats on the comforters. We had bunk beds for him, for when we had company or he had a friend over. Our daughter's room was pastel with light beige carpet and lots of white, with touches of pink. We painted second-hand furniture white for her--with subtle pink trim. Now, that room is our guest room, and I have made it somewhat more colorful and switched her tiny bed for a full-size.

  2. Well, our boys share, but Elaina is on her own. Their room is minimally decorated, too. They have lots of bookshelves, toys and games (art supplies are in the closet), but those toys are diminishing as they age (and I can't believe I will have a 12 year old and a 10 year old this year!), but I feel the LEGOs will be around for awhile. :) This summer, when homeschool is done for the year and there is more time, we will do some more purging of the things they don't need, and I feel that it will be more than I realize. Anyway, I encourage personal touches for them, and even for Elaina, though she isn't as big into it yet since she's only 3 1/2 (hubby and I have the final say, though). I want them to be in rooms they enjoy when they are in there, but don't want to go too overboard or I'd never see them! LOL :)