Monday, December 30, 2013

On Traveling

Traveling is always an adventure in my book. Though our family has done their fair share of it,  I still get a little nervous before we head out on a big trip. The beginning of December we needed to go to the capital for passports. Carey's was about to expire, and Mackay needed to get her first. Though the length of the trip can vary wildly depending on road conditions, accidents, and construction, we figured this one should take about four hours. I washed, dried, packed, and planned clothes; I sent big girls to pack travel bags, then checked said bags, then sent them to repack the bags, and then checked them again. I thought about food on the road for all six {!} of us and packed accordingly. My motto when traveling......"Be prepared!" Some of that is due to being an overthinker, and some of that is because we take public transport {a bus with very cold air-conditioning...most days!} and have one rest stop {where we can pay to go to the bathroom and buy really over-priced food}.

We are usually out of the house before six a.m. as the buses are boarded on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. John buys our tickets, pays for our bags to go underneath, and then we settle in. If we fill up fast enough, the road is quick and quiet for the first two hours or so ~ hopefully just the radio playing and no movie showing.

My older two do quite well  {books, notebooks to draw in, small toys like Squinkies and our favorite stick dolls, or just looking out the big windows} keeping their minds busy. The littler two certainly leave John and me with enough to do between holding, feeding, settling, occupying and altogether juggling  them, but usually leave time enough to enjoy the ride. So a snap of a picture here and a cuddle and story book there, and if we are lucky? We might sneak in a tiny little nap...and that, my friends, is good for any mama.


  1. I do not envy your traveling! I am an over-planner, too, and I just plain don't like to travel, so that can make me crabby, especially when things don't run smoothly. It is constantly something I am working on and praying about. You can believe me when I say I will be in prayer about your traveling (that things go "quickly" and smoothly, etc.) whenever I get into the car from now on! :) Love you all

  2. Looks like a nice trip:) Praying that you have a blessed 2014 serving our Lord!