Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Welcome To Our Nest House Tour ~ The Hall

I thought I'd share a bit more of our home with you today!
Our hall/office/den/family room/whatever-you-want-to-call-it has been a work in progress since we moved into this house.
While it does connect the house {like a hall}, it is wide enough to be a room.

It started out as an office at one end.....and nothing at the other.
Over time we added two book shelves against the side walls at either end.
Then we got a small couch from some leaving missionaries.
We put it against another wall.

We bought a metal storage cabinet ~ great for storage, but not too pleasing on the eyes.
Between John's exercise bike, and the guitar, and the folding table, we were looking at a bit of clutter, too.
This room was neither functional, nor pretty.

One sleepless night {not long before the baby was born} an idea popped into my head about how to fix the problems.
I mentioned it to my hubby the next morning, and while I was at the doctor's office, he went to work.

We moved the curtain off the wall {by moving the rod} a few feet, which gave us several feet of storage space ~ to hide all the big, unsightly things that had just been sitting around.
We turned one of the book shelves to act as a wall at the other end.

This gave me a place to keep the ironing board {instead of either taking it up and down all the time or leaving it to look messy} and the mending basket.
It also made this very long room seem a lot cozier.

We gathered odd pieces of furniture and decorations from around the house ~ things that we really weren't happy with where they were ~ and when we brought them all into the hall they fit perfectly!

The only money we spent on this room was to buy new light fixtures, but the old ones were broken so they had to be replaced anyways!

We are so happy with the way things turned out.
It went from a dark, and cluttery, and difficult-to-use room ~
to a room that we love to spend time in.

I felt just like those designers on HGTV who "shop" around a client's house and move some furniture and end up with an amazing room!
Have you ever pulled things from other parts of your house that just seemed to make another place exactly what you wanted?

If you missed the rest of the tour, you can find it here, here, and here.


  1. I guess there's not a LIKE button on blogs. What a great idea. It also shortens the "shooting range" to make things more intimate. Great ideas. Love all the photos. That's something I need to work on. :o)