Friday, November 15, 2013

Supper Rush

It is Thursday late afternoon.
Bits of lunch are still left on the dirty dishes in the kitchen.
Laundry needs putting away before it gets strewn across the room {and ends up back in the hamper!}
Piles of school books are stacked on the couch in the hall.
Art supplies are tumbling off the table.
There is a bird's nest in a bowl on my book shelf.
The pumpkins and coconuts have been sitting on the counter for two weeks....waiting to be made into something edible.
The minute hand seems to be flying as I try to get supper ready before the mad dash out the door for church.
Right's hard.
Baby is the only one in the house with a schedule.
The rest of us {especially mama}?
Just flying by the seat of our pants ~ to use one of my dad's old phrases.

And so, I take a deep breath.
I turn on my favorite song.
I head to the kitchen while my older kiddos change clothes and set the table and help with the littles.
The baby falls asleep in her bouncy seat while waiting to be fed.
Each one of us {some with a few more reminders than others!} does what he can to make it happen.
And in the end, it all works out.
Everyone clothed, and full, and to Bible study on time.
I'll call that a success.


  1. Yep! That's success. Bless you!
    Loved the pictures!

  2. I have had a lot of days (weeks, months) like that recently! I call that a success, too! :) Love you all and miss you much!