Monday, September 16, 2013

For the Days When You Feel Like Having a Pity Party

Some days I feel like having a pity party.
Today was one of those days.
I said this space was going to be quiet for a while, but that was last week when I thought I'd be snuggling a newborn by now.
This week the newborn has yet to show up, and instead of feeling quiet, I've felt quite loud.
Loud, angry, and annoyed.
Tired of waiting.
Tired of being tired in this way ~ a sore back, a heavy stomach, cramped lungs, and a grouchy disposition.
I'm ready to be tired in another way ~ a sore body, a foggy brain, and a crying newborn to care for.
I want some pity, and if nobody will give me any, I'm quite ready to throw a party for myself.
And so I do.
I yell and fuss and and cry and snap at anybody and everybody in sight.
And I find out that *THAT* kind of party isn't as much fun as I thought it would be.
I realize it when my oldest looks at me and says, "Mom, are you annoyed?"
At that point I realize that I need to throw a different kind of party ~ for my own sake and the sake of my family.
So instead of pity, I begin to pray.
Instead of anger, I begin to praise.
Instead of complaints, I begin to thank.
Instead of pushing my children away, I draw them close.
Instead of snapping out a reply, I bite my tongue.

My eyes begin to open to the party ready to go all around me......

Candles ready to be lit....

Food ready to be eaten {yes, the weird thing I'm craving right now!}.....

Sparkles to add to the festivities...

More food to be enjoyed.....

School books put away for the day.....

Fingers to lick....

Gifts in unexpected places....

Paint to make messes with.....

And messes to clean when the party is over......

And by the time this day is done?
I'm glad I left the first party for the second.
My circumstances may not have changed.....
but my heart has.
I think I'll have another praise party tomorrow!


  1. Patty you look so good. Good to hear all is going well.


  2. I so needed to read that today! Thank you for helping me to see I need a better few of my party! Praying for baby to come soon with a quick and easy delivery.

  3. Praise makes all the difference. Loved the pictures! And, I'm praying your little one makes his/her grand appearance soon. Bless you!

  4. I am just now getting to read this post. I find that I am in the same boat, too, but for different reasons. Change can be hard, especially when you are in "wait" mode. So glad you don't have to wait anymore. :) Love you all!