Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome to Our Nest House Tour ~ Our Living/Dining Room

Welcome back!
Today we are walking into our front room.
No entry way here, but really, what would we need one for?
A coat closet?
Definitely not!
This room is our living/dining room, and it's big!

It is especially nice to have so much space when we have people over.
We've fit as many as 40 people in this room {though I'll admit it was very hot and crowded!}

I don't claim to be an interior decorator, and really, if I was one, I'd probably just be frustrated by not being able to get what I envisioned.
We've just slowly purchased things here and there as we've found them.
We've tried very hard to decorate this room with the amazing arts, crafts, and materials of Ghana, but as we've found things on furlough or imported from other places, we've added those, too.

The yellow walls came with the house.
I would have never chosen them, but now I can't imagine my house without them.
In fact, when given the opportunity to repaint them.......I chose yellow!
It just seems to fit this sunny, happy room.

Do you have any rooms with an out-of-the-ordinary paint color?
If given the chance, would you paint your walls a bright, exciting color....or not?


  1. I love the art works on your wall, Patty. They are beautiful...

  2. I love it, Patty! :) I think paint colors are very individual to the room. If it fits, go with it! :)