Monday, August 26, 2013

Update on the Nesting Mama

When I got bit by the nesting bug, I got bit bad.
All the things that I've been wanting to do in and around the house since we returned from furlough came rushing into my the point that I couldn't think of anything else.
Since I still have to mother my three kiddos, and love my sweet hubby, and take care of the cooking and cleaning and laundry and the areas where I minister.....well, you get the idea!
It has been a battle to get everything done that I wanted and needed to.
We've been off school for summer break {July and August} and that has helped, but I just haven't seemed to have enough hours in my day......
or maybe I've tried to fit in too much???

On top of that, I've had the weirdest cravings, but not for food!
Right now I'm obsessed with scrubbing ~ yes, you heard me right. Nuts, I know, but I just love the feel and sound of scrubbing things right now. I guess the good news is that here in Ghana we have to scrub a lot anyways! Scrubbing my teeth, my dishes, my rough concrete bathroom floors, under the water spouts on the concrete compound.....and the list could go on!
I'm also loving the smell of leather. John's leather church shoes, freshly polished, and my new Bible both make me quite happy!
The best part is that neither of those "cravings" can make me gain weight ~ that's a plus at this point, right!?!

When I stop and think of all that I've actually gotten accomplished, I'm really quite pleased.
I just wish I had a little more energy for a last flurry of activity.
At the moment, my mind should be consumed with starting school {since we were supposed to start today!}, but I'm having a hard time applying myself that way.
I know our lives and schedules are about to be thrown out the window in a very short amount of time.
I'm afraid, though, that if I don't start now, we may not start until November!

We should have less than a month to go, but since I've never had a baby on time {much less early}, I'm trying not to dwell on any dates.
I have a few more things to purchase before the baby arrives, and I must get the baby's blanket done.
And with that note, I'm signing off.......
I think I'm feeling enough energy to go work on that blanket!


  1. Patty,
    There is no way to express how much me and Levi think of you both. We are so blessed by your love for the Lord. YOu are a dying breed of Missionaries, Dedicated to you field and People. I don't really even know how to put in in words. But maybe by saying that is your life your purpose and what you love. Not that you don't miss your family and things here and there. You are fulfilled daily by doing what God places you there to do. It is your home! As a young child I loved our mission field like that. We know that is home. I will be praying more for you during the next few days, months and years. Your love for the Lord challenges us to be more for the Lord. Thank You!! Mindy and Levi Edgy

  2. Always so good to hear from you... looking forward to the arrival of your latest. Have you ever given any consideration to the many benefits of a truly distinguished name like "Robert"? :-)

  3. Take it easy Mama!!! That little one about to be added to the family won't be able to tell a thing about a spotless house:) You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family. Can't wait to hear good news from a far country that a new Sommer is here!!! Love to all, Cindy

  4. You look lovly, Patty! I've had a bit of I-must-do-this-now-itis. I am feeling overwhelmed with all that I need to get ready and do for homeschool, around the house, little (and some big) projects that never seem to end..the list is infinite and it makes me feel so very limited! I just have to tell myself that all things will be done in God's timing. I just need to ask Him how to prioritize and all will be well. :) Love you guys and miss you all so much!