Monday, July 1, 2013

Quiet Summer Days

School is finally out, and our days are filling with the gentle hum of games and toys and messes and reading and giggles.
Mama has been trying to fit in a good amount of cleaning and nesting and cooking, too.
Much to keep us busy; much to enjoy!


  1. Love the pictures! :) I know you post them just for the family. ;) That's what I tell myself, anyway. Enjoy your summer! Love and miss you all!

  2. Love the belly shot! What is the cake a map of?

    1. Jen, it is there last school project for the term...Egypt! We tried a salt dough map first time around, but the humidity is so high that it wouldn't dry, it kind of melted instead :( I figured that a cookie might be a better way to go!

  3. You have such beautiful girlies!!!