Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Planting a Tooth Seed

My middlest finally lost her first tooth.
I won't mention the fact that it took her a month to wiggle it out, because she was nervous.
It practically jumped out of her mouth when she finally decided to wiggle it.

At the house of a child who lives with one culture, that would mean one cultural tradition ~ as an American, it's the tooth fairy, the pillow, and the money.
And so we did just that.
But at the house of a child who lives with two cultures?
Our kiddos get a second tradition.
The tooth doesn't disappear under the pillow overnight, it is still under the pillow with a coin next to it in the morning.
Then it is time to carry out tradition number two ~ planting the tooth!

We head outside to throw the tooth on the roof of the house.
"Planting" a tooth will ensure that a new one will grow in its place.
We have a very tall roof, so after a few throws, Dad had to help a bit.
It's up there now......
and I'm sure it's growing rather nicely!


  1. What a cute way to celebrate a lost tooth!

  2. So glad her tooth came out. Nehemiah lost his also. Aren't they cute? Praying for you and the baby. Remember Sept 15th....Sept (my birthday)

  3. Love this second culture practice!!! We have just arrived in the USA, yesterday from a year in Africa--- loved the ministry there but tomorrow get to see three of our youngest grandchildren!!! Jack who turns 6 tomorrow just lost his first tooth last week. Can't wait to give him a BIG Gramma bear hug!!

  4. Aww! That made me giggle and my heart melt at the same time! Love it! :)

  5. This is so fun! Here in Costa Rica , instead of a tooth fairy, the tradition is a mouse that comes and leaves a gift for your lost tooth. :-)